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July 9, 2009

From the Publisher's Desk: Residents work hard to organize community events

The logistics of holding an event can be a nightmare in that it takes really hard work to make it appear it wasn't all that much of an effort.

If you've planned a child's birthday party like I have, you send the invitations, get the cake, plan the menu and the favors, decorate the house and get up extremely early to make sure the list is checked twice _ that's assuming you've actually gotten to bed at all.

No matter how good the planning, I always seem to forget something. But when in doubt, at least at the Shalor residence, I can send Kevin to the store to pick up any last-minute items.

If you have been a bride or groom, you most likely struggled with seating charts, what music to dance that first dance to, and prayed for beautiful weather on your special day.

Looking for the perfect dress, choosing your wedding party and forming your guest list, I am sure, weighed on your mind.

When all was said and done, would you have still gone with the traditional big wedding or maybe for a big tent in the backyard with your closest friends to witness your marriage?

As the day got closer, the stress went up, and when you thought everything was done, you thought of just one more thing.

That said, now imagine having 500 to 1,500 people on your guest list! Could you imagine?!

The hours spent to pull together the recent Hospice concert or the Hometown 4th of July this past weekend are tremendous.

Bob Escher and Carla Balnis are seasoned veterans when it comes to hosting large crowds, and I applaud their efforts, hard work and attention to detail so we all could enjoy the festivities.

I can't even fathom undertaking such a task, and my hat goes off to them for spearheading and coordinating two fabulous community events.

From galas to golf tournaments, high-school plays to sports-induction weekends, award dinners to car shows; our area has them all. Have you ever stopped to think how difficult it was to pull each one of them together?

Publicity, volunteers, food and drink, parking, venue and the list could go on and on. Yet I continued to attend with little thought of the preparation involved _ that is, until I was on the other end.

The Spelling Bee, the Scholarship recognition dinner, and most recently the ice cream social, took more of my time when I became publisher.

The teams and committees that made these Daily Star-sponsored events possible met often, corresponded by e-mail and made numerous phone calls for information and attendance. I can't thank our partners enough for all they did to make the events possible.

It's easy to attend and have a great time, but the months and months of planning rarely get the recognition they merit. So, next time you venture out to one of these events, give thanks to those who put it together because, trust me, it is well-deserved.

They are not the headliners or the recipients of awards, but they are the driving force behind why we are able to enjoy so many wonderful events in our area. They have my sincere thanks and appreciation for all they do!


Tanya Shalor is publisher of The Daily Star and may be reached at (607) 432-1000, ext. 214, or Her column appears every other week.