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November 23, 2009

Police Blotter: November 23, 2009

Area police reported the following charges:

Oneonta police

C.J. Waldron, 27, Oneonta, Nov. 21, suspended registration.

Gregory C. Miller, 23, Albany, Nov. 19, noise.

Peter Montesano, 23, Loudonville, Nov. 19, noise.

Gregory J. Levine, 21, Oceanside, Nov. 19, noise.

Garry L. Burnette, 41, Oneonta, Nov. 20, operating with a suspended registration.

Stanley Sylvestre, 30, Oneonta, Nov. 20, criminal contempt.

Matthew S. Hurley, 23, Oneonta, Nov. 20, unlawful possession of marijuana.

Brian T. Kollar, 21, East Islip, Nov. 20, noise.

Peter Fishman, 20, Ardsley, Nov. 20, noise.

Brian Ambrosio, 20, Sayville, Nov. 20, noise.

Moises Hernandez-Lopez, 20, Dunkirk, Nov. 18, noise.

Oneonta troopers

Peter A. Del Rossi, 23, Mohawk, Nov. 21, petit larceny.

Brian H. Hulbert, 40, Otego, Nov. 20, first-degree aggravated unlicensed operation, felony driving while intoxicated.

Bret S. Romano, 28, Wells Bridge, Nov. 19, second-degree criminal contempt, second-degree aggravated harassment.

Phillip M. Rossbach, 61, Franklin, Nov. 19, petit larceny, driving while intoxicated.

Loren D. Hitchcock, 30, Unadilla, Nov. 18, petit larceny.

Ryan L. Benson, 25, Sidney, Nov. 19, driving while intoxicated.

Sidney troopers

Howard A. Pritchard, 66, Afton, Nov. 20, felony driving while intoxicated.

Samual Allen Rowe, 41, Oneonta, Nov. 18, driving while intoxicated.

Codie E. Breslau, 17, Morris, Nov. 19, unlawful possession of marijuana.

Margaretville troopers

Alleana F. Damron, 23, Sidney, Nov. 17, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation.

Tom Munro, 45, Andes, Nov. 21, driving while intoxicated.

Daniel T. Maxim, 20, Fleischmanns, Nov. 22, unlawful possession of alcohol.

David S. Hull, 16, Fleischmanns, Nov. 22, unlawful possession of alcohol.

Tyler J. Smith, 16, Fleischmanns, Nov. 22, unlawful possession of alcohol.

Steven F. Amundsen, 18, Margaretville, Nov. 22, unlawful possession of alcohol, unlawful possession of marijuana.

Franky Lambe, 16, New York City, Nov. 21, third-degree assault, endangering the welfare of a child.

Norwich troopers

John B. Yetter, 27, Smithville, Nov. 20, criminal mischief.

Stamford troopers

Raymond T. Weale, 39, Stamford, Nov. 16, second-degree criminal contempt.

Thomas B. Vitale, 22, Jefferson, Nov. 20, driving while intoxicated.

Cobleskill troopers

Timothy Boss, 49, Carlisle, Nov. 21, unlawful possession of marijuana, third-degree unlawful possession of marijuana.

Richard P. Graham, 34, Carlisle, Nov. 19, second-degree criminal contempt.

Daniel B. Terk, 38, Jefferson, Nov. 19, second-degree aggravated harassment.

Chenango deputies

Christopher Gonzalez, no age given, 64 S. Main St., Bainbridge, Oct. 25, unlawful growing of marijuana.