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On the Bright Side

December 11, 2012

Beekman Boys take home amazing prize


And they nearly blew the pizza test — twice.

First, there was the pizzeria’s location.

“What was funny about this is we used to live in the West Village and use a pizzeria down there that’s very old, called John’s Pizzeria,” Kilmer-Purcell said. “In the clue, it was kind of a trick clue, because it said, ‘Go meet John at the oldest pizzeria.’ And so we were went, ‘Oh, it must be John’s Pizzeria.’

“But because we had always second-guessed ourselves throughout the entire race, Josh said, ‘Well, let’s just look it up on somebody’s iPhone to make sure.’ And had we not done that we would have shown up at John’s Pizzeria.”

Then, they delivered the wrong pizzas to two customers and had to retrace their steps.

“Josh did that,” Ridge said.

But the most terrifying part of the neck-and-neck race, they said, took place at the former Brooklyn Navy Yard, where a member of each team was dangled — in a straightjacket — 15 stories above a dry dock. Not only did they have to get out of the straightjackets, but they also had to endure a surprise bungee-cord plunge that immediately ensued.

“I think that for me was one of those moments in the race where I’m like, ‘Am I actually really doing this?’” Ridge said. “I must say I was able to keep myself very calm.

“Before they started hoisting, I tried to go into a very Zen place. And probably the most terrifying thing for me was when they were suiting you up.”

He said it took about 10 minutes to get out of the straightjacket.

The team’s most nerve-wracking test, they said, came at the United Nations building along the East River. There, a member of each team was asked to recall the words for “hello” and “goodbye” in each of the nine countries the race passed through.

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