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February 16, 2013

Service drives auto sellers

By Cathy B. Koplen
The Daily Star

---- — Commitment is the key to success according to Scott Davis and Tom Armao, owners of Country Club Motors.

“It is the Country Club way,” Armao said. “It is the way we treat each other and the way we treat our customers — with integrity and honesty.”

Armao and Davis both said William (Bill) Davis, Scott Davis’s father, was a tremendous influence on the men. He was committed to many aspects of the community, serving on various boards as a director, supporting community events and quietly giving to nonprofit organizations.

Bill Davis started in the car business in Sidney in 1960s, when he and partner Paul Danowick bought a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership. The two men later built a facility and added a Chevrolet dealership. Through the years, the company dropped and added various dealerships as the company expanded.

“My dad is 84 years old and he still comes in to work,” Scott Davis said.

Both Davis and Armao said they enjoy living in the Oneonta area.

“The most striking thing to me when I came here was the community and how involved the people are,” Armao said. “Everybody is welcoming and involved. In some areas, there is this ‘good ol’ boy’ club — but not here. Sharing your opinion is welcome. It is most unusual for a small area.”

Davis said when he graduated from college he did not know what he wanted to do, but he was interested in a service industry. His father taught him that improving the community is necessary for a healthy environment.

“I always felt like I was service-oriented person, not a sales-oriented person,” Davis said.

Davis then realized his father’s business was a service industry.

“There is not a subway from here to Otego,” Davis said. “There is a bus, but most people need a car or a truck to live their lives. We are able to help people get into the vehicle they need to comfortably live. In this area, people are dependent on their vehicles, and everyone has a different budget. We can help most anyone get a vehicle they can afford.”

Country Club Motors also offers service for cars of most makes and models. The service technicians are constantly updating their credentials to keep pace with the changing world of automobiles.

“We have two world-class technicians,” Davis said. “We spend a lot of money training our employees. They are the best people. They really make all difference here.”

The automobile industry has changed over the years. Gone are the days when amateur mechanics could take apart and engine and put it back together again. Computers run many aspects of the components necessary for an automobile to run. Emissions and gas efficiency have been greatly improved over the years in part because of the sophisticated engines.

“The technology started changing about 20 years ago,” Armao said. “Now there is a lot of information handling. The upside is that they are much more dependable and more efficient.”

Through the years, as the economy changed, Country Club Motors kept pace, adding various elements of affordability to their business plan. It has a used-car division and a finance plan that assists customers in buying their automobiles.’

“We are seeing more affordable cars” Davis said. “But we sell a lot of trucks too. Many people around here need a truck to live their lives.”

Both Davis and Armao have raised families in the Oneonta area, and both feel that they live by the standards of Bill Davis: honesty, integrity and service to the community.