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Cary Brunswick

March 20, 2010

Good to see Americans venting frustrations

If the state of politics nationally and in New York state gets any worse, we’re going to need parties with drinks stronger than tea and  coffee.

What am I thinking? It already has gotten worse. Beer parties, anyone? Let’s hope we don’t have to hit the harder stuff. But I’m sure there will be a few kinds of parties with other refreshments before we get to that point.

You can’t blame people for reaching such a high level of frustration that grassroots meetings are being organized so they can talk about  how bad things are and how helpless they feel about doing anything about them.

The tea partiers figuratively started dumping leaves into the harbor a year ago, mainly in reaction to Barack Obama being elected president, which meant the Democrats had control over the government _ and the new so-called liberal platform.

They were fed up with big government and high taxes being used to finance an agenda they viewed as straying more and more from the core values of  individualism and free enterprise on which the nation allegedly had thrived for so long.

They’ve latched onto a conservative litmus test in which it appears many Republicans and so-called conservatives won’t be able to  produce the correct tint. The key word for the tea partiers is ``reaction,’’ for conservative is too mild. They want to return to some idyllic  though mythical past where government was small and people were left alone to pursue happiness. Unfortunately, few achieved it and  many were left in destitution.

Enter big government, not stage left, but center stage. Now, launched last weekend, we have the coffee  parties, whose participants appear just as frustrated as the tea-baggers, but with a desire to stop the nasty name-calling and with a goal of getting money, scandal and dysfunction out of our governments.

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Cary Brunswick

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