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Cary Brunswick

October 3, 2009

Obama has chance to keep peace with Iran

With Iran, it's starting to sound awfully like seven years ago, when Bush and Cheney were waving their swords at Iraq as their campaign of lies and deceit was under way leading up to the invasion.

It seems the only phrase we're not hearing is WMD for weapons of mass destruction.

Yet again, those of us who thought President Obama was the peace candidate can just shake our heads and wonder what happened and how we got fooled again.

So the United States and its allies seem to agree Iran has begun some secret nuclear activity that they fear is weapons-related. Iran admits it has a growing nuclear program, but insists it's related to energy production.

Israel, which Iran considers to be our 51st state, has subtly posed the possibility of a pre-emptive nuclear strike, so Iran tests some medium-range missiles as a show of potential response.

It's the stuff future wars are made of, and smells way too much like the months leading up to the Iraq war, which turned out to be a tragic mistake from which we've been unable to free ourselves long after no WMD were found.

The killing continues in Iraq despite or because of our invasion six and a half years ago. Obama has less than a year to keep his pledge that we'll be out of Iraq, with the chances of avoiding a civil war once we leave no better today than in 2003.

And now the top commander in Afghanistan says we need to send another 40,000 troops there, which would bring the total to more than 100,000. Obama already sent about 20,000 more earlier this year.

That would certainly fit into Obama's campaign statements that we should shift our focus to Afghanistan, where it should have been all along, rather than on Iraq. Today, however, is not 2003, and our years of lacking an Afghan focus have allowed our so-called enemies to regroup.

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Cary Brunswick

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