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Chuck Pinkey

July 2, 2013

The grass isn't always greener over in Europe


“On top of all this, we are going broke! Everything is paid through taxes and many countries and banks have had to be rescued. Spain, Ireland, France, Greece, Portugal and Crete are disasters, and we are trying to lure Russia and the Ukraine into the Union, but without success.”

I asked Peter why he was surprised. To paraphrase: you have open borders, provide universal health care to all, large minimum salaries, generous pensions that in many cases require no contribution, month-long vacations, have lax to nonexistent drug laws, rampant prostitution, and societies that, in many cases, accept immigrants living in communities under their own set of laws, and you wonder why you’re being overwhelmed?

“I know.” he said. “and if someone begins a dialogue in Europe about these dangers, they are immediately labeled a Neo-Nazi. This is happening, too in your America, and if someone says that this may not be a good idea, they are called a racist.”

We talked about how immigrants to Europe and America, whether they be from the Muslim world, Central America or Africa, can promote and protect their culture, but we cannot. Seems we have developed a politically correct philosophy with a very real death wish.

As John Lennon would say, “Imagine.” Imagine a Europe governed more like the North Africa and the Middle East. Imagine the growing influence of Sharia law, more honor killings, and further beheadings in the streets.

Envision the loss of a culture that gave us the roots of individual and religious freedom, gave the world the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, classical music, parliamentary government and so much more. 

Imagine an America run more and more like Mexico, with graft and corruption that make our current cesspool look honest. Imagine uncontrollable drug lords, more poverty, and corrupt police being the norm. 

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Chuck Pinkey

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