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Chuck Pinkey

February 11, 2014

Socialism is sneaking into the U.S.

After watching President Obama’s State of the Union speech a couple of weeks ago, I came to the realization that we are witnessing the continued growth of socialism in America. Believe it or not, we are far down that road already.

Are you shaking your head in disbelief? I’m not surprised. The devil’s greatest deed was making people believe that he doesn’t exist. So, too, with socialism in America.

Do the math. If one calculates total taxation (county, state and federal, plus sales tax and taxes on gas, cigarettes, TV, phone, etc ...), the average taxpaying American gives more than 60 percent of his or her income to government. If we’re not at socialism’s level now, we’re pretty darn close!

What does government do with all that money? It provides for our defense, educates our young, and builds our roads. But the recent trend, and it is growing at a tremendous rate, is to give that tax money to poorer Americans.

Our government is taking money from those who have earned it, and giving that money to those who have not, under the banner of “fairness,” “spreading the wealth around,” and a phrase which has finally come out of the closet, “equality of income.” It’s pure, unabashed socialism, folks! Liberals will scoff and roll their eyes, but there is no other name for it.

Interestingly, it took generations of welfare, food stamps, politically instigated class warfare, and blatant propaganda before the left would dare use these words “equality of income.” We fell for it little by little, kind of like that old frog story. 

Toss him into boiling water, and he’ll jump out instantly, but if you heat the water slowly, the poor fool will sit there and boil to death. By the way, that’s not true. Even a dumb frog has enough brains to jump out of hot water. As further proof of the superiority of frogs, not one voted for Barack Obama!

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Chuck Pinkey

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