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Chuck Pinkey

November 6, 2012

Romney will start running the country like a business


Take, for example, health care. Under the existing system, almost 90 percent of Americans had health care, but to cover the remaining 10 percent, our president felt a government takeover was necessary. We now have the first time in history that the U.S. government can force you to buy something. 

Look to General Motors. It was in trouble, for sure, but a structured bankruptcy or government loan with conditions would have been possible, and a better alternative than government and union ownership.

Consider the growing number of welfare and food stamp recipients and the trillion dollars owed to the government in student loans. Contemplate the halting of the Keystone Pipeline and the moratorium on off-shore drilling.

Our current president pits rich against poor and continues to blame others for our present condition. He will not control our borders and refuses to let the states try. Our credit has been downgraded for the first time in history.

As you can see, this mentality has a huge downside. Like Greece, Spain, France and other “tax-and-spend” countries, we have suffered through four years of 8+ percent unemployment, $4 per gallon gas, millions more on government subsidies and still more families living in poverty. Government dependence has grown. If we stay the course, expect more of the same.

Should we change course with Romney/Ryan, we will avoid the crushing cost and inefficiencies of Obamacare. The growth of government spending will be cut, and we will begin a path to fiscal responsibility.

Our borders will be secured and our laws enforced. Our military will be strengthened, and we will again be respected abroad.

People will be at the helm who understand business and job growth. They know that America must be strong economically, if we are to remain the greatest nation on Earth.

The choice is clear. Do we want a businessman who has generated billions, or a president who has wasted trillions?

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Chuck Pinkey

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