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Chuck Pinkey

December 17, 2013

We need a redneck in the White House

I was recently watching one of those focus group talk shows, and noticed a pencil-necked fellow with a week-old beard, uncombed hair and a disgusted look on his face. I said to my wife, “See that unhappy, scraggly looking young man? He’s got to be a liberal.”

Being a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan, I know a loser when I see one. When asked how he felt about the direction the country is going, he replied that he was delighted with the election of an African-American and hoped we would follow the same progressive trend and elect a woman as president in 2016.

How stupid is that! First of all, he didn’t answer the question, and secondly, to vote for a president because of race or gender is inane. If you needed brain surgery, would you pick a doctor based on race or gender, or would you opt for the doctor with the best education and most experience?

However, always trying to be progressive and open-minded, maybe it is time we had a president from my ethnic group. After all, we’ve had an African-American community organizer, white oil tycoons, an actor, peanut farmer and beaucoup career politicians, but we have never had a tried and true Redneck as Commander-in-Chief.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone put a hand on the Bible, swear to uphold the Constitution, and really mean it?

I can hear his inaugural address. “Listen up! For too long, you folks here in Washington have had it your way. Let me remind you that you are here to serve the people; they are not here to serve you!

“We will start by living within our means. You boys spend $3.7 trillion dollars a year and apparently, that’s not enough, but that’s all you’re gonna get, so make do! If the people running your departments can’t get the job done with $3.7 trillion, then I’ll fire their butts and hire folks that can get it done.

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Chuck Pinkey

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