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January 14, 2014

The Democrats expect us to thank them?

By Chuck Pinkey
The Daily Star

---- — A week ago, a letter writer from Delhi on the opinion page of The Daily Star wanted to, “Thank a Democrat for 2014 prosperity.” Wow! It must be a matter of perspective. I suppose someone from Antarctica, visiting New York last week, would find the weather sweltering.

The lady from Delhi was right. The stock market is at 16,500, which is an all-time high, but I’m not so sure congratulations are in order. The Federal Reserve is printing 40 billion new dollars each month (half a trillion dollars a year), and this money is injected into the economy via the banks.

What do the banks do with this money? They lend some of it, but most goes into the stock market through investments in stocks and mutual funds. That is what is driving the market and producing corporate profits. Like never before, corporations are dangerously oversold. Thank you, President Obama and the Democratic Party.

According to George Will, the true unemployment rate is 11 percent, and some economists put it as high as 15 percent, if you calculate in those no longer looking for employment. Thank you again, Mr. President and the Democratic Party for deep fat frying the figures down to 6.7 percent, and you wonder why people don’t trust government.

In addition to extending unemployment 99 weeks, President Obama will soon extend it again, and when that period elapses, unemployment will be extended again and again and again. ... He and Nancy Pelosi maintain that this is good for the economy.

Sure, everyone knows paying people to sit on their butts for years is a real economic stimulus. Thank goodness for such leadership!

Most of this is old news, but for someone sequestered in Antarctica, it bears repeating. Let’s all have a round of applause for the Democratic Party, and the masterful way it has engineered food stamps and welfare recipients to all-time highs. Also, I’d be remiss in not mentioning the NSA spying on millions of Americans and billions of calls and emails.

Kudos to the IRS for targeting conservative groups that oppose the Obama agenda. Don’t forget the near-trillion dollars spent on bankrupt “green energy” companies.

The letter writer also states, “The millions of citizens who are not insured will be healthier and will save us all money.” Are you serious? Before Obamacare was shoved down our throats, we had 35-40 million Americans uninsured, which means that 270-275 million were insured. Not too bad, right?

Could President Obama and the Democratic Party concentrate on insuring the 12 percent-15 percent who were uninsured, and leave the 85 percent insured alone? Of course not, and I’m sure you must be proud of the initial start-up of Obamacare. If you think signing up was fun, just wait until health care is actually needed.

Thankfully the Democratic Party has been at the helm in foreign policy, too. Look at the success of Arab Spring, Benghazi, the Iraqi pull-out, the Syrian civil war, and North Korea. Heck, Dennis Rodman has had more success in North Korea than Secretary of State John Kerry.

One more thing to make you proud and thankful for the Democratic Party. Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is under the gun for supposedly causing havoc with traffic for days on the George Washington Bridge at the Fort Lee exit. Apparently, this was done because the mayor of Fort Lee did not support Christie in the last election.

If the accusations are true, he should resign for this abuse of power. If Christie is that egoistical and selfish, he should not serve in such an important position as governor, let alone president, the office to which he aspires.

But, be thankful to President Obama and the Democratic Party once again! After failing to investigate “Fast and Furious” for years, ignoring the tragedy of Benghazi for over a year, downplaying the NSA Spygate scandal for months, and stonewalling the IRS abuse of conservative groups, in the matter of just 24 hours, the United States Department of Justice, headed by Attorney General Eric Holder, has launched an investigation into the actions of Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Smells like the Fulton Fish Market, doesn’t it?

Yes my lady, “Thank a Democrat for 2014 prosperity,” but remember this: A woman was playing golf, when she took a big swing and fell. The party waiting behind her was a group from Washington, D.C., that included President Obama. He quickly stepped forward, and helped her to her feet. She thanked him and started to leave, when he said, “I’m Barack Obama, and I hope you’ll vote Democrat in the next election.” She laughed and quickly said, “I fell on my butt, not my head.”

Chuck Pinkey is a retired area businessman. He can be reached at The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of The Daily Star and its editorial board, but the author thinks they ought to.