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Chuck Pinkey

June 4, 2013

NRA succeeds because it defends freedom


The main thing is that we and our NRA are on the right side of the Second Amendment issue. It is not just about blued steel and fine grain walnut, it is about freedom, and that freedom is given by God, not government. A good government protects that freedom. Consider, for a moment, does our government do that? Not hardly. 

If it did, we wouldn’t need the NRA. Look how congressmen and senators squirm like a hemorrhoid sufferer sitting on a cactus when they have to vote against the NRA. Ever wonder why that is? 

That’s because we’re talking true grassroots and a passion that has yet to crest. Many times I have said that we will die protecting our firearms ownership. Are those who would take that ownership away prepared to die trying? I know they are not, because they lack our resolve, and that is why we will win this struggle. 

It’s not about the money that opponents claim the NRA has. The NRA is well-funded, but financially small potatoes. You see, the gun industry is not huge. Sure, it donates to the NRA, but hardly enough to buy more than two or three senators. 

The NRA’s strength comes from its members, the five million-plus, and their families and friends who pony up and volunteer every time they feel the jewel of their firearms freedom is threatened.

Also, we are told time and time again that Americans want this gun bill or that gun act. If this is true, why does our president have to twist arms, bribe Congress, call in favors, and threaten senators to get their vote? All to no avail?

Our side merely has to remind them that they will have to face the voters on Election Day, and we will make sure their constituents remember how they voted. We will also donate, as is our right, to the candidate that supports the Second Amendment.

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Chuck Pinkey

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