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Chuck Pinkey

March 25, 2014

Green crowd is crying wolf about pollution

Environmentally, this world is better off because of the existence of man. In 21st century America, that’s akin to heresy. It’s blasphemy against the Church of Environmentalism. How dare anyone make such a statement!

I may stand alone on this and be burned at the stake, but so be it. I am tired of the fallacies and catastrophic prophecies that we seem to revel in, when it comes to the effect man has on the environment.

On Facebook, I noticed a poster that showed a beach with four sets of tracks in the beautiful sand. They were labeled “sea gulls, dogs, and horses.” The fourth set of tracks showed litter, and was labeled “man.”

Sure enough, 435 comments and all were exclaiming how “People are pigs,” “No wonder our planet is dying,” “We’re the worst species ever to have populated the planet,” blah, blah, blah. I’d bet the litter is from students on spring break, who fancy themselves environmentalists.

An old farmer once said, “If you wonder about the weather, go outside and take a look.” We’ve all been to plenty of beaches, and when was the last time you saw milk cartons, beer bottles, half-eaten Chinese food, and pizza boxes scattered about? Even when it does happen, townships quickly pick up the litter and dispose of it properly.

That old farmer is simply telling you to look around and think, but the folks who worship at the altar of Environmentalism will be quick to point out that we are not scientists, and cannot possible grasp the complexities that only they can understand. So convinced are they of their own infallibility that debate is forbidden!

It is becoming a common occurrence that one scientific study after another, and even the credentials of many in the environmental field, are being scrutinized. Many studies have been tainted, politicized and conclusions drawn on flawed data. Shamefully, they are not the authorities they portray themselves to be.

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Chuck Pinkey

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