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Chuck Pinkey

November 19, 2013

We're seeing the neutering of America

In my last article, I wrote about the out-of-control politically correct movement, and how the self-appointed PC police are on a mission to ensure that no one is offended by the spoken or printed word, names or mascots of our sports teams, or any action that may somehow be construed as racist, sexist or offensive to anyone.

This politically correct crusade is also leading to the neutering of our society. Think about it. For better or worse, hasn’t the role or image of masculinity changed? Things that were traditionally male, the “rites and passages of manhood,” are now frowned upon or ridiculed. We are witnessing the castration of America. 

Last year, Charlotte Valley Central School in Davenport solicited a yearbook ad from Losie’s Gun Shop. His check and half-page ad were promptly returned. His ad would not be accepted unless he changed his name to Losie’s Sporting Goods. The PC police found the words “Gun Shop” unacceptable.

This year, again trying to help out a local school, Jim took out a full-page ad in the Oneonta High School Drama Club’s 2013-14 programs. Once again, his ad and check were returned. No advertisement would be accepted that mentioned “guns.”

Are you educators stupid enough to think that if the word “gun” is printed in a yearbook or program, a young man will go on a killing spree? 

Look to our military, the greatest on Earth. Some may argue that our military has been emasculated, not by the presence of women, but by politically correct policies that protect terrorists, and those who harbor terrorists, more than they do our own troops. No one wants collateral damage, but who wants to sacrifice their son or daughter, because “innocents” choose to live near terrorists?

Believe it or not, in “Green Warriors — Army Environmental Considerations for Contingency Operations,” they state that, “There is a chronic lack of training and awareness across much of the Army about environmental considerations … Most units receive little training about how to operate in an environmentally appropriate way in the field and are therefore often unaware of the proper environmental procedures.” I wonder what Gen. Patton would think of this. 

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Chuck Pinkey

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