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Chuck Pinkey

September 11, 2012

What wasn't said at Dem Convention was really telling

How about that “shovel-ready” job called the Democratic National Convention? With all the homage paid to President Barack Obama, one can only imagine the exhilaration and ecstasy, if he had been a successful president.

On Tuesday night, we learned that the Democratic Party has been reducing the number of times “God” was mentioned in their party platform. Finally in 2012, God is not mentioned at all. Why? What is the problem? Have they got something against “God?”

Another telling omission was the removal of the statement claiming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Why? What is the problem? Have they got something against Israel, too?

Next, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel praised President Obama for his hard work tackling the worst economic meltdown since the fall of Rome!

He told of how our President reads 10 letters nightly from average, everyday Americans. What he didn’t tell you was that nine out of 10 of those letters are mortgage foreclosures and the 10th one is titled, “Congratulations, you may have already won ... ”

Then, we heard a great speech by the first lady, Michelle Obama. It was very well-delivered but full of the predictable stuff like their hard work, their humble beginnings and their burdensome student loan payments.

Wednesday night was a hoot! Because of the firestorm over removing “God” and Jerusalem from the platform, President Obama, fearing the sucking sound of falling polls, ordered them reinstated.

Los Angeles Mayor and Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa took a voice vote to amend the platform and reinstate “God” and Jerusalem. The “Nays” won. He tried a second time and the “Nays” won again.

Looking like “one hamburger short of a Happy Meal,” he called for another voice vote, and the “Nays” won a third time. Amid cat-calls and boos, he proclaimed “God” and Jerusalem reinstated. Just think about this fiasco. Why were these entities omitted in the first place? Why were “God” and Jerusalem voted down three more times?

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Chuck Pinkey

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