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Chuck Pinkey

December 4, 2012

Neither party has the will to cut spending


As usual, Republicans posture themselves as wanting spending cuts, but the best we can hope for will be cuts in the growth of spending. Only in Washington is a spending cut not really a spending cut! It is just a cut in the increase of spending. Unfortunately, that won’t even materialize because money is power, and Washington will not relinquish an ounce of it.

Fear not, the Republicans will cave, as usual. Already, many Republicans who have pledged never to vote for another tax increase are yielding. They call it reaching “across the aisle” and “compromise.” Once, a man’s word was his bond. Sadly, politicians are a bunch of prostitutes, and I apologize for any offense to the “ladies of the evening.” I suspect they are a much more honest and trustworthy group, and more likely to give you your money’s worth.

Look folks, we’ve got a problem, and to kick the can down the road for another year or so is not the answer. We have a $16 trillion debt, and spend “only” $4 billion more per day than we are taking in.

Think about it! Every American born today already owes $225,000, and that debt increases every hour. What’s wrong with us? It used to be that parents would go hungry so their children could eat. Fathers and mothers would go without so their children would prosper, but not anymore! It is spend, spend and spend with no thought of waste or consequence. Is this a legacy to leave our children? We should be ashamed.

If Republicans in Congress had honor, they would stand firm. They were re-elected to hold the line on taxes and spending, and that is exactly what they should do. Give President Obama two choices.

No.1: Continue the Bush tax cuts for all Americans, and get serious about cutting wasteful spending, now! There are hundreds of billions and even a trillion that can be cut. Eliminate all farm subsidies, end ethanol completely, and relax emission standards on cars and trucks.

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Chuck Pinkey

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