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Chuck Pinkey

April 10, 2013

Top 10 reasons Skip West is wrong


No. 5 is about Gov. Cuomo’s condoning of final trimester abortion. Skip states that I “make it sound like our governor is poised above a helpless infant with bloody knife in hand, ready to slash away another innocent life … Disgusting!”

Please refer to the last sentence in paragraph two. Focus, Skip. A fetus in the final trimester (seventh, eighth and ninth month) is capable of life outside the womb. During an abortion, instruments are inserted into the womb, and the baby’s skull is crushed and its spinal cord snapped.

Causing death in such a way … My God, Skip! John Wilkes Booth, Timothy McVeigh, our worst serial killers, and even cows at a slaughterhouse were, and are, more humanly killed that these innocent babies.

When a man rises to the level of governor, many of his decisions affect life and death. For a man in power to condone this act and by his numerous speeches, almost encourage it, is abhorrent, yet you say my words are “disgusting!”

Let’s lump Nos. 6 and 7 together. Six refers to Governor Cuomo and the photo op in Herkimer/Mohawk after the tragic shooting, and seven is his political cowardice when it comes to fracking. Skip maintains that Gov. Cuomo cares, and I agree, but Andrew Cuomo cares only about the political fortunes of Andrew Cuomo.

On fracking, Skip states, “Everyone should read the latest articles on the Pennsylvania ghost towns that enjoyed a ‘fracking boom’ about five years ago. Sorry, I do not want to drive through Otsego County five years from now and see empty stores, deserted homes, a poisoned environment and betrayed people.”

Skip, if you can see through the haze of your existence, the boom is still happening in Pennsylvania, and dude, the flowers are still growing and the water is still pure. It is here in your beloved Otsego County that you can TODAY find “empty stores, deserted homes,” falling enrollment in our schools, and the only betrayed people are those who believe the bilge you spew.

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Chuck Pinkey

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