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Chuck Pinkey

June 18, 2013

Obama has violated our trust


The Obama Administration’s State Department is being investigated for the Benghazi terrorist attack. The most important factor is that Americans were murdered, while their cries for help went unanswered. “Why?” has never been explained.

Next, we have the cover-up. Team Obama couldn’t have a terrorist attack in the middle of a presidential election, so the American people were lied to. A YouTube video was blamed. Whose idea was that?

Also, we find our beloved IRS has been used as a “hatchet man” against conservative organizations, and Lois Lerner, the IRS director in charge of non-profits, pleads the Fifth Amendment while proclaiming her innocence like a Don Corleone consigliere. As more IRS management testify, no one knows anything, and no one is responsible. 

Then, we find that this same assembly of dedicated public servants, who will twist your cow’s teat till she bellows to get your last penny, has spent upwards of $50 million of your tax dollars on meaningless conferences and stupid dance and Star Trek videos. Their only shame is in being caught.

We recently learned that the State Department is involved in its own cover-up. Someone is running cover for the alleged pedophile activities of an ambassador and of course the old standby for Washington, the hiring of prostitutes. Heck, they may be the most honest folks within the beltway!

If that’s not bad enough, the NSA is holding more than 100 million phone records and emails from American citizens. When asked, before Congress, about this monstrous invasion of privacy, James Clapper, the Obama Administration’s national intelligence director, essentially said he knew nothing and no one’s privacy had been violated. Have these comedians ever heard of the Fourth Amendment?

As more information became known, he backtracked and claimed his answer was “least untruthful.” Is this as close as we will get to, “I lied?” Seems somewhat refreshing, doesn’t it?

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Chuck Pinkey

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