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Chuck Pinkey

May 21, 2014

Climate change is a big hoax


Ah,” climate change.” All of a sudden we had “climate change” instead of “global warming.” I wonder why? Maybe, the words of Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman sum it up best.

He writes, “When the temperature data could no longer be bent to support global warming, they switched to climate change, and now blame every weather and climate event on CO2. … The current bad science is all based on a theory that the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, from the exhaust of the burning of fossil fuels, leads to a dramatic increase in “the greenhouse effect” causing temperatures to skyrocket uncontrollably.

“This theory has failed to verify, and is obviously dead wrong. But, the politically funded and agenda driven scientists, who have built their careers on this theory and live well on the $2.6 billion a year of Federal grants for global warming/climate change research, cling to this theory, and bend the data spread to support the glorified claims. ...”

It’s no laughing matter, and I’d bet this huge hoax has cost us trillions in jobs, added costs, expensive regulations, crippled industries, and opportunities lost to foreign countries. It has been used to advance income redistribution schemes. Remember the proposed “carbon tax?”

The second news story, if it wasn’t so tragic, would be a joke. In Nigeria, an Islamic terrorist group named Boko Haram raided a Christian school, and kidnapped about 275 teenage girls. This group threatens to sell the young girls into sex slavery, unless other terrorists are freed from prison.

Odd that it wasn’t reported, but in February, Boko Haram attacked another school.  It seized 59 boys, and gunned them down or cut their throats with machetes.

Nigeria is 30th in the world in GDP, and it is the 12th largest oil producer.  It maintains a 200,000-man army, navy and air force, and yet it can’t kill these cockroaches? No, they try to negotiate with the killers of children.

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Chuck Pinkey

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