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Chuck Pinkey

June 3, 2014

Feds shouldn't decide who gets to have a gun

The Isla Vista killings were a killing spree that occurred on May 23, 2014, near the campus of the University of California. It began when 22 year old Elliot Rodger stabbed to death three men in his apartment, and then sped through the town shooting at bystanders and hitting people with his car.

Go to Wikipedia, and locate the “2014 Isla Vista Killings.” You will find, listed on the right side of the page, a map of California showing the approximate location of Isla Vista, the date, the attack type (shooting spree,…), the weapons used (Glock 34, Sig Sauer 226,…), deaths, injuries, and finally, the assailant, Elliot Rodger.

Odd, isn’t it? It’s almost as if the weapons used are more important than the lunatic who actually committed the crime! Is it really necessary or news worthy to know that Elliot Rodger used a 9mm Glock and two 9mm Sigs? To quote Hillary Clinton, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!”

Elliot Rodger was a deeply troubled young man, who had been under a doctor’s care for mental health issues, and after turning eighteen, refused his medication. In 2013, he legally purchased three 9mm handguns. More on this in a minute.

Shortly before the tragic event, his parents had become alarmed over his behavior and crazed YouTube videos. They called the police, and investigating deputies determined, “ he did not meet the criteria for an involuntary hold.” However, they should have been aware of his pistol permit and his registered handguns.

He later produced a “Manifesto” entitled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution.” It’s a hate filled tirade about killing women, getting revenge against humanity, and promising a “climatic massacre.” Unfortunately, his prophesy came true.

Immediately, the mainstream media parades a distraught victim’s father in front of the cameras to lay the blame on the NRA and on gutless politicians who will not stand up to the gun lobby. Senators Blumenthal and Feinstein joined the chorus as usual. To quote Chicago Mayor, Rhan Emanuel, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

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Chuck Pinkey

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