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April 26, 2011

Liberals need their own warning label

Chuck Pinkey
Contributing Writer

---- — When my wife and I watch TV, we see countless advertisements for drugs. (At our age, we notice these things!) They come with alarming disclaimers.

We recently saw an ad for a hair-restoration shampoo, with impotence as a possible side effect. I feel sorry for the poor bird who finally grows a full head of hair in hope of attracting a young lady, and then? Well, never mind.

Another is a patch to stop smoking, but if you have suicidal thoughts or actions, please discontinue use. I can just picture poor old Uncle George with his improved lung capacity leaping from a 10-story building. I guess it works, because either way he stops smoking!

Writing this column is a learning experience. I’d always thought liberals were uptight and unhappy, but I was wrong! They are extremely uptight and very unhappy. For their own safety, they should come with a warning label, too.

Searching for a proper disclaimer is difficult. One suggestion was, “If you develop a nervous twitch, stop watching Sean Hannity.” Another would be, “If you experience euphoria lasting more than 4 hours after a Barack Obama speech, seek immediate medical help.” My personal favorite is, “Rush Limbaugh may affect your ability to drive between noon and 3 p.m.”

Having been bombarded by letters and e-mails, I’ve quickly deduced that many on the left have great disdain for America and our capitalist system. They continually blame the USA for most of the world’s problems and have a deep loathing for corporate America. It seems akin to complaining about farmers with your mouth full of food!

The United States of America, our country, is the greatest nation on Earth. Not only have we led the world in science, education, medicine and manufacturing, but our country still stands as a beacon for all freedom-loving peoples.  

How many brave young Americans are buried on foreign soil, having given their lives for us and the security and freedom of others? Remember them when you damn my country. Their lives bought you that right!

Corporate America can’t win, either. We tax and regulate businesses into leaving and revile them when they do! We benefit from their labors and condemn them with our next breath.

To illustrate, let me ask you a favor. As you read this column or sit in front of your keyboard getting ready to tell this writer that he is full of manure, look around and take note of what you see. Is there anything there that is not a product of capitalism? The chocolate mocha latte, which you so often enjoy, was brewed at a profit by a capitalist. Your computer, cell phone, wallpaper, light fixtures, even your old coffee mug from the ’60s that says, “Flower Power” was produced by an entrepreneur. How about that flush toilet, too?

Venture into the garage and tell me how many products were produced by government versus private enterprise. We find an automobile (better be a hybrid), lawn mower, lawn trimmer, bags of seed and fertilizer, tools, “Earth Day” lawn ornaments, two garbage cans (one for waste and the other for recyclables, of course), chain saw, etc. Get the picture?

The point is capitalism works, and we all benefit greatly! Interestingly, a friend of mine once stated that America has so perfected capitalism that all of our needs are answered, and now a large part of our economy is based on creating want, not satisfying need.

That is true! Look at the multitude of items that you own, and consider how many of them are necessities. You will find the majority are luxuries, in other words, “stuff” to make our lives more comfortable.

By the way, do you know the difference between “junk” and “stuff”? It depends on who owns it. Your junk is called stuff, but your neighbor’s stuff is called junk!

Let’s get back to the subject. I’m a “love it or leave it” kind of guy and I realize that may be a bit harsh and cold-hearted. After all, those on the left must love this country and the system that has given them so much. I can tell, because they are always talking about it!

You can hear them praising the car companies that have given us the freedom of the road and the oil companies that power our vehicles at less cost per gallon than bottled water. They really get sloppy with the pharmaceutical companies, who have not only extended their lives, but enhanced their quality of life. Corporate America is their favorite valentine! I know they appreciate satellite TV, instant access, choosing a nice marbled steak or lean organic shoe leather, prescriptions filled in almost every community, MRI machines, Walmart Supercenters, Home Depots and that chocolate mocha latte.

“Love it or leave it,” not really. We are all loyal Americans, but some of us have an odd way of showing it.

Chuck Pinkey is the owner of River Valley New Holland Inc. in Otego. He can be reached at