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Chuck Pinkey

September 25, 2012

U.S. a lesser nation under Obama

The Middle East is ablaze with anti-American hatred, and many of our embassies have been attacked and damaged. Americans have been slaughtered. Often, the host country has made little attempt to protect our people and property. Are we to believe it’s all because of a stupid YouTube video?

Looks like the “Hope and Change” of last year’s “Arab Spring” went over like flatulence in church. Aren’t you glad that the Obama administration supported these progressive movements in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen? Isn’t it nice to know that we are appreciated by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Warnings were given about a 9/11 threat, but fundraisers in Las Vegas must be attended. After all, nothing is as important as our president’s re-election. Now, his naivete and selfishness have bitten us in our collective buttocks, and still, this amateur has no clue as to what to do, or the testosterone to act.

Another potentially even more disastrous situation looms with Israel and Iran. Many expect Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, and if it does, it could ignite a conflagration. Amazingly, our president hasn’t been available to meet with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the fundraiser went well.

If you were an Israeli living in the only democracy in the Middle East, and facing a second Holocaust, would you be confident that the Obama administration had your back? What U.S. foreign policy actions would support that confidence?

Consequently, President Obama’s “smoke and mirrors” foreign policy in the Middle East has imploded. Our “Appeaser-in-Chief” has tried apologizing, feeling their pain and understanding their rage, all to no avail. He has shunned Israel, our best Middle East ally, and continues to ignore or downplay the threat of Militant Islam.

However, he is consistent. President Obama’s “Hope and Change” worked equally well at home. His domestic policy is on the rocks, too. Unemployment is between 8 percent and 9 percent, even with a manipulation of the numbers that keeps us from knowing the true percentage. If we factor back in those who are “no longer looking for work” and those forced into part-time jobs, it is at a disgraceful 15 percent!

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Chuck Pinkey

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