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Chuck Pinkey

April 23, 2013

Federal gun bill vote showed Obama was wrong

At the time of this writing, one Boston Marathon bomber has been killed, and I wouldn’t give a shovel of manure for the other’s future. Reports are that the two young men are refugees from an Islamic region in Russia. If so, is that the thanks we get for giving them asylum?

President Obama, rightfully so, has called this an act of terror, and the “We Finish the Race” address may be his version of Bush’s 9/11 “Steel of American Resolve” speech.

Speaking of our commander-in chief, he exhibited his true form and was less than gracious when it came to the defeat of his gun bill in the Senate. That knee-jerk legislation was doomed in the House, but President Obama seized the opportunity to surround himself with grieving parents from Newtown, and addressed the media. 

Behind our President was Uncle Joe Biden. He was almost in tears. You’d think a biker babe spilled his pitcher of beer!

Obama stated that a minority of senators had stopped the majority from passing a bill that 90 percent of the American people wanted, and that this bill would have protected “the children.” He accused the gun lobby of lying and threatening senators with re-election troubles back home if they voted for this bill.

Mr. President, the bill was defeated. Sixty votes were needed for passage, and it fell well short, 54-46. Those voting against it were a minority, but a sizable one, and as far as protecting the children, even the most ardent anti-gun zealots are hard-pressed to explain how this legislation would do that. 

I particularly enjoyed the statistic of “90 percent of Americans supported this bill.” Heck, Mr. President, on MSNBC they say that 99 percent of Americans supported this bill. You guys should get your “facts” straight.

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Chuck Pinkey

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