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Chuck Pinkey

July 16, 2013

Border war, or battle of the bulge?


Now, we have this monstrosity of a bill, akin to Obamacare, that will eventually grant amnesty or citizenship to 11 million to 15 million illegals (or undocumented Democrats), and probably, someday, eventually, you can believe us this time, secure the border, maybe. 

Like my father used to say, “Fool you once, shame on them. Fool you twice? Shame on you!”

The Republicans want to keep it simple. Secure the border first. Is that unreasonable or hard to understand? Surely, with millions of illegals already here and unemployment hovering at 8 percent, we should not need any more workers “to do the jobs Americans won’t do.”

Let’s tie all this together, shall we? Obviously, America ranks second in obesity, because we are being overrun by Mexicans who love our food. Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes and a cold Bud? The logic is easy to follow. 

As a bonus to the Republicans’ immigration reform package, I’d bet that if we could secure the border, we’d drop to at least fifth place in obesity! If for no other reason, we should do it for the children.

On an unrelated topic, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Egyptian military has removed President Morsi and his pro-Muslim brotherhood government. Good news, one would think?

A while back, President Obama and the liberal media were going “gaga” over the so-called “Arab Spring” that swept North Africa and the Middle East, and it turned out to be a resounding success like “hope and change” was here at home. They should have known better.

Now, when pro-western forces are taking control, they “are very concerned” and “may withhold aid.” Even Republican Senator John McCain, who should retire and let young blood take over or at least keep his mouth shut, shows such concern about the overthrow of this “elected” government.

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Chuck Pinkey

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