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Chuck Pinkey

May 7, 2013

Let's do what's needed to keep America safe


In fact, 30 of the 31 terrorists on the FBI’s most wanted list are Muslims.  Add to that the recent PEW Poll showing that 28 percent of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world believe that violence against civilians is justified, and America, we have a problem!  

Unfortunately, in the land of “we don’t want to offend” that America has become, we find the excuses for men, who now lead this country, wringing their hands and crying again and again and again, “Justice will be done. The guilty will pay.” Meanwhile, our people are being killed, and hundreds more are losing limbs or being maimed for life. Our day-to-day lives have been changed forever. 

Our leaders lack the courage, the will, the manhood, and the sacred sense of duty to stand up to this evil, call it for what it is, and do whatever it takes to protect the American people. 

I realize the only time it is correct to paint with a broad brush is when it comes to gun owners, but let me repeat the previous question. Are we stupid? How long are we going to stand by and let more and more Muslims emigrate into the United States? Even voices on the Left, like liberal commentator Bob Beckel, are calling for a halt until we can sort things out.

No one is advocating internment camps, like what happened to Japanese-Americans during World War II.  Everyday American Muslims lead their lives peacefully, as do other Americans, but with the current carnage and upheaval in the Muslim world, imams spreading hatred of America, and anti-American protests in every Muslim nation, isn’t it time to protect ourselves? 

Is not our safety paramount?  Ask yourself this question.  Forgetting the attacks overseas and just concentrating on those that took place on American soil, how many of the terrorists were actually born here?  The answer is damn few.  How many more Americans have to be murdered by foreigners, in America, before we say “enough”?   The answer is, too many already have!

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Chuck Pinkey

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