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May 21, 2013

Obama's just getting better and better

By Chuck Pinkey
The Daily Star

---- — I’ve always been an admirer of President Barack Obama. One can only marvel at a man who writes his autobiography before he does anything noteworthy. 

Some critics have labeled him a narcissist, but I say it’s just good, old American can-do attitude. You have to appreciate a man who has never experienced the complexities of a paper route or the discipline of the Boy Scouts becoming President, and leading the world’s largest economy and commanding history’s most powerful military.

Upon taking command, he was faced with severe economic troubles, due to the actions of Presidents Carter, Clinton and Bush and the failed economic programs of a Democratic Congress. Hundreds of thousands of jobs were being lost, the car companies were going broke, and many major banks were failing. The National Debt stood at $10.6 trillion and unemployment hovered at 8 percent.

One may have expected a cautious approach with reduced spending and targeted low-interest loans like those seen in the Chrysler bailout of 1979, but no! To counter reckless spending and poor investment that caused this chaos, President Obama saw what few others did. He boldly proposed more of the same.

Almost a trillion dollars were spent on a stimulus package, “green energy” companies were lent hundreds of millions, GM became government and union-owned, yet unemployment still hovers near 8 percent, the Italians own Chrysler, Washington spends about $1.3 trillion more each year than it takes in, and the National Debt stands at almost $17 trillion.

So, what’s the big deal? It’s just the economy, but even on the energy front, his approach was unique. The “green energy” loans went bust, but that’s OK! Five hundred million here, four hundred million there, who’s counting? After all, if they had only worked, then we wouldn’t need those pesky little things like natural gas, offshore drilling and the Keystone Pipeline.

On other issues, my president has grabbed the bull by the horns. In a brilliant move of class warfare, he has gone after the evil, selfish rich. We just want them to pay their fair share. However, we’re not selfish demanding more of their money, so says my president.

Soon, we had other bold initiatives like “Fast and Furious” which involved selling guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel, and supposedly tracing them for some noble purpose. Only one American, aka “a bump in the road,” was killed, but had it only worked, some positive gun control legislation may have resulted.

Possibly the boldest and most misunderstood initiative was Obamacare. What brilliance to place the enforcement of health care in the hands of the IRS, whom we all respect and trust. Also, let’s not forget the so-called push to socialism that President Obama, in his heart of hearts, admires. Many times he has mentioned Europe and countries like Sweden. 

Yes, Sweden! The land of Vikings and Nordic beauties. I recently saw a picture of the Swedish Women’s Olympic Beach Volleyball Team. Maybe socialism isn’t so bad? However, getting back to business, in Socialist Sweden EVERYBODY has a modest home, decent health care, good food, a job, and that’s about it. Kind of like a dairy cow! Hey, how can you beat that?

Four years into his presidency and he had the misfortune of having a terrorist attack happen on 9/11/2012, just two month before the presidential election. What bad timing! Put yourself in my poor president’s place.

When you’ve prided yourself on protecting America, how can you admit, during an election (especially after you’ve proclaimed that “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive”), that terrorists attacked our embassy and killed an ambassador and three other Americans, aka “a bump in the road?” 

What’s more important? The truth, that their cries for help went unanswered and the attack was covered up as a spontaneous protest, or the necessity of getting my man re-elected? The election, of course!

Now, we have the partisan Republicans continuing to dig into this Benghazi thing, and if that’s not bad enough, President Obama’s boys at the IRS have been accused of harassing conservative groups like the Tea Party. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the groups targeted are anti-Obama.

My president is innocent. He only heard about the IRS scandal on the evening news of May 10, just like the rest of us, but regrettably, those around him continue to “poop in their derby.” 

It appears that the Justice Department has seized the Associated Press’ phone records. I have no doubt that the Obama administration had good reason (of course my president had no prior knowledge of this, either), and little things like the Constitution and the law should not stand in their way.

The whole situation reminds me of Watergate. Only President Nixon didn’t have any “bumps in the road.”

CHUCK PINKEY is a retired area businessman. He can be reached at The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of The Daily Star and its editorial board, but the author thinks they ought to.