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Chuck Pinkey

August 28, 2012

America needs Tea Party values,and not Obama's

The Daily Star — The Central New York Tea Party Patriots are having a Tea Party at River Valley New Holland on Saturday, September 8th. Our “Rally for America” is at 3910 State Highway 7 Otego, at noon. Any questions, call 432-8180, 432-6452 or 435-3358.

Rally for America? That’s right! She needs us like never before. Not since the election of 1860 has our nation stood at such an abyss. Then, like now, our country is at the crossroads. Which direction will she take? 

In 2008, we elected a charismatic, but inexperienced young man and got what we deserved. I don’t know what can prepare a man for the job, but a stint as community organizer ain’t it!

Instead, we got a man whose first major decision was to pick the Homer Simpson of the U.S. Senate, Joe Biden, as his VP. Then for the next four years, we suffered through numerous “apologize for America tours,” dozens of left wing radical czars, massive government stimulus spending, stopping the Keystone Pipeline, and a disgraceful 8-9 percent unemployment rate.

If that’s not bad enough, class warfare became the staple of the Obama presidency. The “Tax the rich! They’re not paying their fair share!” mantra by the bottom-feeding politicians in his administration has pitted neighbor against neighbor and American against American. Didn’t Candidate Obama promise to unite us? 

Our borders are not secure, the feds and “sanctuary cities” choose not to enforce the law, while murders, crimes and prison populations grow, and unemployment remains shameful. President Obama’s only concerns are his re-election and the dominance of his party. Country and the rule of law be damned! 

Let’s not forget Reverend Wright, government ownership of GM, several schemes to grant amnesty to illegals (future Democratic voters), seeing an American president bow to foreign officials, and the colonoscopy called Obamacare.

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Chuck Pinkey

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