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Chuck Pinkey

August 28, 2012

America needs Tea Party values,and not Obama's


The Daily Star —

“Cash for clunkers,” bailout of auto manufacturers, banks and insurance companies, and hundreds of millions lost to Solyndra and other “green energy” endeavors typify his presidency.

In 2012 under the Obama administration, more than 100 million Americans are receiving welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, or some form of government handout funded by the American taxpayer and their numbers are growing. That’s about one third of our population, and it does not include Social Security or Medicare recipients.

Never in our history has our National Debt increased so quickly, and now stands at the mind-boggling $16 trillion level. We are spending $4 billion dollars a day more than we’re taking in, and there’s no slowing down in sight. 

We borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend. If we need even more money, we simply print it. Hasn’t history already taught us that more borrowing and more spending don’t work?

Under President Obama, America received her first national credit rating downgrade. How can anyone consider this madness a “good thing?”

If that’s not bad enough, soon Obamacare will kick in, and the manure will really hit the barn fan. Spending will hit a “passing gear!” Wait a few years and we’ll all think back and reminisce about when our national debt was only $16 trillion. We’ll say, “Those were the good old days.” 

So, which course do we take? Shall we continue down the yellow brick road toward the city of Oz, where community organizers, old burned out ‘60’s radicals, and czars with extreme left-wing agendas run the show and steer us toward socialism? Make no mistake, it is socialism and we are further down that road than most realize.

Shall we turn back to capitalism and free enterprise? It is precisely this system that has brought us to the pinnacle of power and prosperity. Think about it! In less than 236 years of existence, America has long surpassed the Old World countries and kingdoms of Europe and Asia.

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Chuck Pinkey

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