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Chuck Pinkey

January 28, 2014

King Andrew's New York is a liberal utopia


If these are extreme positions, and New York has no room for these people, say goodbye to nearly every Catholic priest, Christian pastor and Jewish rabbi. They are extremists all, and unwelcome in New York.

Hold the exit door open for most veterans, too. They’re no longer welcome in Cuomo’s New York. Yes, our veterans, those soldiers who have bled, so Gov. Cuomo has the freedom to make an ass of himself. Bid adieu to many police and most sportsmen, too.

If Cuomo has his way, most traditional, family-oriented believers in the sanctity of life, supporters of the Bill of Rights, would leave New York. They are not welcome here.

Oh, gracious King Andrew, what would you have left in your Land of Oz? Damn near 100 percent of us, deemed “unworthy” are employed and paying taxes. Thousands, upon thousands, are business owners, and those businesses would leave with us.

You may prefer a state made up of Andrew’s chosen, but I’d take my chances with individuals and their children reared in Judeo-Christian values. One must admire a child who can put his hand on Mommy’s tummy, feel a kick, and know it is a life worth living.

I’d go with families who follow the Bible and its teachings, and I’ll gladly live near men and women who would bear arms to protect their families and their country.

But, what would you have left, Gov. Cuomo? Certainly, a population that values human life less, a society that is willing to change institutions that have lasted for thousands of years and are based on religious beliefs, and one so shallow that it finds “safety” in banning a simple weapon, not in punishing the criminal.

Now, with the intellectual elite in charge and populating the state from NYC to Buffalo, without us pesky, hardworking, taxpaying, business-owning extremists around, New York will be a liberal’s utopia. All of your grand ideas like “equality of income” aka Socialism, universal healthcare, free housing, more welfare and food stamps, etc... will be possible. It will be a liberal’s Heaven on Earth!

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Chuck Pinkey

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