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January 2, 2013

NRA is right about armed guards in schools

The Daily Star

---- — It is hard to remember so long ago, but at age 6, a week or so before Christmas, I’m sure my thoughts were about visiting Grandma, opening presents, trimming the Christmas tree and just waiting for school to be over. To a 6-year-old, it is unimaginable that your life will someday end. Certainly unimaginable that it will end in school, days before Christmas, surrounded by the safety of caring teachers, and screaming in agony for Mommy and Daddy.

That day in Connecticut, Satan came to school, and all the love and all the caring were no match. The principal and teachers tried to stop the devil, but in the end, sacrificed their lives for the sons and daughters of others.

Yes, they were sons and daughters; then again, they were but babies. I wonder how many still believed in Santa or still thought their daddy was the strongest man in the world. How many believed their mommy to be the prettiest and smartest mommy ever?

Think of the Christmas presents that will go unopened, the stockings that will never again “be hung by the chimney with care,” the squeals of laughter at the dinner table that will be heard no more, and the 20 little lives left unfinished. There will be no more Daddy’s little girl, nor Mommy’s little man, no first date, nor first love, and no children of their own. All this and so much more were stolen that day, and it will happen again.

Yes, it will happen again and probably, sooner than later. There is evil in this world as surely as there is good, and as I look around and listen to the national and world news, it seems as though evil is winning. What can we do about that?

A wiser man than I, named Edmund Burke, once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I see a lot of that going on! AT THIS TIME, I don’t give a damn about the gun ban agendas of opportunistic Sens. Feinstein and Schumer or the newly announced gun confiscation schemes of New York’s Gov. Cuomo. I do care about the Constitution and our Second Amendment, and those battles will be fought soon enough. Cooler heads and our Constitution will prevail.

Right now, before another little candle is extinguished, let us heed the advice of one of the few individuals who has an immediate and sensible solution to prevent another Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. That man is Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association.

After all, who knows more about firearms and gun safety than they? In the real world, they have taught more parents and children about gun safety than any other organization, politician, or congressional committee. Without question, they have saved more lives than any gun law.

In response to the Sandy Hook tragedy, LaPierre lays the blame on violent video games, the media sensationalizing every tragedy, and the absence of armed guards at school. He is right, and couple these with the decay of the traditional two-parent family, the lessening influence of religion, and the general moral decline of society, and is it any wonder that life has been cheapened?

The NRA dismissed calls for increased gun control, calling instead for Congress to support a plan to put armed police officers in “every single school” in America. “If banks and members of Congress can have protection, schools across America should be afforded the same security.” LaPierre said.

He further stated, “Will you at least admit it possible that 26 innocent lives might have been spared that day,” if the shooter had encountered “qualified armed security?” He is right and equally right when he says, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

This could easily be accomplished, and it may be as simple as police officers spending the final month or two of their careers in a local public school, armed and in uniform. What additional cost or bureaucracy would this entail, and how could anyone object to a 25-30 year veteran police officer guarding their children?

Anti-gun Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg from New Jersey called LaPierre’s plan “reckless.” He states, “It is beyond belief that following the Newtown tragedy, the NRA’s leaders want to fill our communities with guns and arm more Americans.”

How else can a crazed killer be stopped, Senator? Don’t our sons and daughters deserve a small degree of security afforded the children of presidents, senators, and congressmen, or are they to be left alone and undefended in the slaughterhouse of another “gun-free” zone?

If Wayne LaPierre and the NRA have their way, the next time Satan goes to school, he will be met at the door by a guardian angel wearing blue and carrying blued steel.

CHUCK PINKEY is a retired area businessman. He can be reached at The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of The Daily Star and its editorial board, but the author thinks they ought to.