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Chuck Pinkey

January 29, 2013

Cuomo goes too far with gun control


In Cuomo’s New York, a gentleman can not buy a box of .22 long rifle ammo for $2.49 without going through the state’s background check and getting New York state’s permission. However, his teenage daughter can abort his grandchild without his knowledge. (Is this real or am I dreaming?)

Imagine the poor guy who owns a gun shop. Every time someone wants to buy a gun or some ammo (Why else do you go to a gun shop?), he has to get on the phone and ask the government’s permission. Failure to comply and you become a criminal.

In Cuomo’s New York, you must sell out-of-state or turn over to the authorities ALL magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds. Sounds a bit like 1930s Germany, doesn’t it? In New York state, there are millions of high-capacity magazines. You are allowed (as a free man, I hate that word) to keep 10-round magazines, but they can not be loaded with more than 7 rounds. Failure to comply and you become a criminal.

Yes sir, in Cuomo’s New York, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing for the last 10, 20 or 40 years, you will be a criminal. By your actions, Cuomo, you may be creating criminals out of your fellow New Yorkers.

In a previous column, we mentioned that the FBI states that 323 people were murdered in the USA by rifles in 2011. So maybe 100-200 are murdered by assault rifles per year in America? They are not a factor in crime (maybe on TV and the movies, but not the real world), and the law just passed would not have prevented Newtown or Webster. New York’s gun law will make absolutely no difference in crime.

So, what happens next? After the next Sandy Hook (without police in our schools, there will be another), Gov. Cuomo will once again be in the state Capitol, screaming like Il Duce, and demanding the banning of another category of firearms. If you really care, governor, punish the criminals. Lock them up and never release them, like the Webster murderer. We are not the problem. Leave us alone.

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Chuck Pinkey

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