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March 30, 2010

On the Right Side: Attend Tea Parties to find truth

What happened March 21 was the ultimate of big-government arrogance. Congress passed a health bill that a large majority of Americans didn't want.

Democrats were bought, threatened and bribed to sell their principles to the devil. They felt they had a choice between being scared of Pelosi, Reid and Obama, or facing the wrath of their constituents. Boy, did they make the wrong choice.

Watch the attempts the Dems make, spinning how they voted. This law is just one of many nightmarish examples of what happens and will happen again when radical liberals seize control of power.

Speaking of spinning, I was watching a newscast where a Democrat congressman was trying to explain away a recent poll where Pelosi's favorable rating was 11 percent and Harry Reid's was 8 percent. The politician actually said the reason that these numbers were so low was because they took so long to get the bill passed!

There was a letter to the editor a while back that displayed either ignorance or the lowest level of behavior by attempting to distort and demean the Tea Party movement. After a letter like this it is even more important than ever for independent-thinking individuals to attend a Tea Party event and see for yourself what this movement is really all about.

The left will stoop to any level in attempting to distort the facts. I attended three events last year and hope to attend more this year.

There were no loaded guns, no words of racism, nor any of the other things the writer claimed to have experienced. The good, honest people I was with would not have tolerated such things and would have asked such individuals to leave.

I think the writer was confusing herself, instead remembering the vulgar activity that took place when her kind protested President Bush's policies.

Also erroneous was the statement made about the number of attendees at the thousands of rallies across the country last year. All one has to do is go to the Internet and see for himself the postings that reported the cities where the rallies took place and the respective attendees.

Also, when pictures taken by independent sources, such as those taken at the Washington, D.C., event, scare the liberals, what do they do? They simply say the pictures are doctored. Is that the best that these individuals can come up with when exposed? We conservatives have to start fighting back when these vicious smears are attempted. And that is exactly what good, honest Americans are finally doing.

But this is what the radical left does best "¦ lie. You can be assured that this summer they will attempt to plant some of their own at the upcoming rallies, pretending to be Tea Party members and trying to make the movement look bad. And the media will play right along.

Also, you can be assured that others of the above writer's ilk will claim to have attended such a rally but never really did.

Remember all those people who claimed to have been at the original Woodstock festival? It was later said that if all the people who actually claimed to have attended actually had, the crowds would have been six times larger than actually were there. The same was true about all the people who claimed to have been at the game when Hank Aaron hit his last home run. There would have had to have been seven stadiums to hold these "attendees."

Why do libs do the same thing about the Tea Parties? It seems that they feel the need to lie in order to give their statements credibility. It's beyond me why they do this.

Let them spew on. All we conservative Americans have to do is move forward with purpose and determination and we will take this country back in November. We have to make these radical liberals powerless and insignificant for the sake of our country's future.

There are 218 days to go. Stay strong, stay focused, stay united and this November the Democrat Party will go down in history as a past embarrassment of this country. After seeing the agenda it has planned and the harm it has caused this country, it can never be allowed to lead again.

Tea Party events that I know about:

· Saturday, April 24, from 1 to 4 p.m. at River Valley Ford, which is about halfway between Oneonta and Otego on Route 7.

· Saturday, July 3, beginning at 10 a.m. in Sidney and going on all day. I'll give directions at a later date.

I know there is an active group in Norwich, and if a verifiable member will send me a schedule of its future events I will be happy to post the information here.

Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week. His columns can be found at