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September 16, 2008

On The Right Side: Dems, media using lies to paint Palin

Can you believe how scared the cowardly left is about Sarah Palin?

Its petty, immature attempts to insult and demean her and her family seem to know no boundaries, and worse, its lackeys, the mainstream media, continue the lies.

It's getting harder and harder to distinguish between the wacko extreme leftist groups like The Daily Kos and the Huffington Post and the media. They are more than happy to perpetuate the lies. And to all you Democrats and liberals out there who don't speak out against this viciousness, you are just as bad as the wackos. Do you guys have any sense of fair play and integrity at all?

There are lots of examples to point out. They have tried to besmirch her by calling her "the beauty queen" and "the stewardess." Then there are the outrageous lies. They have claimed that Sarah faked a pregnancy to protect her 17-year-old daughter and claim that Trig is really the daughter's child. They have even gone so far as to demand DNA testing. Where's the outrage?

And how about some more? The left has claimed that she has banned library books, speaks in tongues, said that the Iraq war was God's will, cut spending for mentally disabled children, cut funding for pregnant teens, and on and on.

All have since been proven to be either taken out of context (Iraq war and God's will) or bald-faced lies. The New York Times had to run an apology. How about the rest of you?

Don't forget the insult thrown at her when South Carolina's Democrat Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler said, "Her primary qualification seems to be that she hasn't had an abortion." Pretty classy, huh?

She's one of yours and had to issue an apology.

Thank you, Carol. How can a true feminist take that kind of statement sitting down? Are you really for female role models as strong and successful as Sarah Palin in both her family and career as you have repeatedly said you are, or only for those who are liberal?

Even the Obama campaign isn't immune to throwing around insults. Obama himself has a hard time referring to her as anything other than the "mayor" of a small town. When you get a presidential candidate going after the other party's VP candidate, you know he is in trouble. Isn't that Joe Biden's role?

His worst gaffe yet? The time he insulted both the Republican candidates with his "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig" and "You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change;' it's still going to stink after eight years."

Barack, don't deny that you meant it the way more than 90 percent of Americans interpreted it. Your crowd ate it up and you reveled in their cheers.

Now, their latest feeble attempt to destroy her. Alaskan Democrats are conducting an ethics campaign regarding their claim that she pressured the state's Public Safety Commissioner to fire state trooper Mike Wooten, who went through a bitter divorce with her sister.

Remember, Democrats have set up this witch hunt, and a Democrat, Kim Elton, appointed a Democrat, Hollis, to lead the investigation. The McCain campaign has referred to the OBAMA website that identifies members of this committee, including French and Elton, as strong Obama supporters.

Already this commission, not very far into its "investigation," has promised a potential "October" surprise, with its report coming out Oct. 31, a convenient four days before the elections.

Oh, I forgot to mention, as Amanda Carpenter, a columnist, points out, "Police investigations against Wooten found (not claimed to have found), he had used a Taser on his stepson, illegally shot a moose, drank beer in his patrol car (while on duty), and threatened his father-in-law with death." It's called Sarah Palin standing up to the Troopers Association, a powerful union. Once again showing her willingness to not back down from what she thinks is right.

But keep it up, Obama. We know you are orchestrating this smear campaign behind the scenes, or at least approving of it. But the more you, your minions and your lackeys in the press keep it up, Sarah Palin draws more and more supporters. You are way out of touch with ordinary Americans.

I've got three more columns devoted to you, Obama, loaded with facts, before the next election. I wish I had more columns.

Sarah Palin is more than qualified to be the vice president. She is a poised, intelligent, more than competent, experienced, and a tough woman. She is just what conservatives, Republicans and America need. She will make us proud.


Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week.