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September 28, 2010

On the Right Side: Libs, stop whining

Tom Sears

— I want to sincerely thank Chuck Pinkey for doing such a bang-up job with the column while I was gone. I couldn’t have chosen a more-capable person and writer to temporarily take over the job. I am certainly his No. 1 fan. Thank you for going along with my choice, Sam Pollak.

As much as I love Romania and its people, I always realize how good it is to come back to such a great country. It helps me to realize anew all the great freedoms we have, yet take for granted. I can’t understand why we have the whiners who are always finding fault with America. Why don’t they ever show an appreciation for the generosity, in the form of time, money and supplies, that the American people always come through with to help with any natural disaster, either foreign or domestic.

This disdain starts at the top with the present occupant of the White House. He goes around the world apologizing for us, tramples the Constitution, sides with a foreign government against his own constituents (Mexico vs. Arizona), treats our allies like dirt, sympathizes with terrorist groups with an “it’s Israel’s fault for all the violence” attitude, and on and on.

I’ll try to be nice and label President Barack Obama and his followers enigmas. He is causing our massive deficit and debt to spiral out of control and then blames George Bush for his comparably miniscule deficits. Obama spends so irresponsibly and then complains that if the Bush tax cuts stay in place they will add to the deficit by $700 billion (not true, but when has he or his followers ever let facts get in the way).

He appoints a consumer advocate, another czar who wouldn’t make it through Senate hearings, and says she will make the big, bad banks write credit terms that the average person can understand, yet he promotes a 2,300 page health care proposal that no one, including himself, can understand or bother to even try to read.

As for his domestic policies and economic stimulus programs, can anyone point out anything working? I can hear the lefties scrambling for their word processors now, hardly able to type “It’s George Bush’s fault, it’s George Bush’s fault,” without mis-typing everything in their rabid, irrational anger.

Let me give them a few more worn-out lines they always use. They will never fail to bring up Bush and the Patriot Act. I say, thank you, George Bush, for its creation. The liberals can’t point out one instance of misuse.

Also libs, don’t forget the “blame Bush” excuse for the collapsing housing market and the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae fiasco, even though there was a CNN and Fox News report showing Bush and his treasury secretary repeatedly warning about the lack of appropriate oversight of the two above-mentioned mortgage giants.

I have a video (as of today it was still on YouTube) and a time line clearly pointing this out. There they are, good old Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and old Chris “Mr. Countrywide Financial” Dodd himself, defending them to the bitter end. Open-minded people, independents and conservatives can e-mail me for these two items.

All you secular, leftist liberals probably shouldn’t even bother requesting them. The facts could slap you right in the face and you still wouldn’t budge from your blind, irrational loyalty to Obama.

One more humorous mantra of the deaf left is that the Republicans have no ideas of their own. Can anyone tell me when any of the conservatives’ proposals have even been listened to? We have a lot of good, solid ideas, but Obama won’t even give them consideration. This arrogant attitude began from day one when he said in a meeting after getting frustrated, “Hey, we won, you lost, it’s our turn now.” Now there is a guy who really wanted to end partisan bickering, right?

Remember conservatives, Nov. 2, which is only 36 days away, is only the beginning. Hopefully, we can regain enough seats to put the brakes on Obama’s socialist agenda, but we have to keep working hard. It’s a marathon rather than a sprint, so we have to make sure we don’t get too excited and burn ourselves out.

We have to have a strong, unwavering, steady pace for the 2012 and 2014 elections. Our numbers are growing by leaps and bounds daily. Why else do you think the lefties are panicking and resorting to slander and demeaning phrases to describe us? They are simply scared of us and have nothing but emotion and fear on their side to fight back with.

We have to remain vigilant and remember what happened in two short years when we let our guard down. We certainly don’t want a repeat of the Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi fiasco.

Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week. His columns can be found at