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August 3, 2010

Immigrants should become Americans legally

— CHUCK PINKEY is pinch-hitting this week for Tom Sears while Sears is in Romania. Sears’ column will resume upon his return.

A short time ago, my son sold a tractor to a gentleman deep in Delaware County. Andy had a question on its operation, so we decided to stop and see him.

As we found our way through the mountains, we came upon a beautifully ornate home. Upon introduction, I noticed he had a distinct accent. We asked him where he was from and he stated, “Transylvania.”

Now, I’m thinking vampires, crucifixes and wooden stakes! I saw my son put down the tool box, take off his boots and put on his running shoes. I said, “You can’t outrun a vampire, son.”

He replied: “I know. All I have to do is outrun you, Dad.” My fears subsided when I realized the sun was shining and our host wasn’t melting. That night as I lay in bed, I got to thinking. Here is a gentleman that did it right! He came here legally. Andy applied for passage to America and had to wait years for acceptance. He couldn’t have a criminal record and had to be healthy, sponsored by a citizen and assured of a productive job. He had to learn English. Andy did all that and more. He was a seed planted in fertile soil.

Unfortunately, times have changed. America is now flooded by illegal immigration.

Our inner cities are plagued by gangs, a large percentage of our prison population is made up of illegals, and our health care system in border states is overwhelmed. As Howard Cosell would say, “Let’s tell it like it is.”

Our southern border is in chaos. Because of unlawful entry and a major drug war that the Mexican government is powerless to control, our border and nearby national parks are off-limits to any sane individual. How often do we hear of American citizens being robbed and murdered, ranchersbeing killed, and border patrol agents being shot by people who should not be here? Because of inability or lack of resolve by our federal government to enforce the law and protect our borders and people, Arizona passed a law to curb illegal immigration and protect its citizens.

This legislation is milquetoast at best, but it is a start. It also mirrors existing federal law.

Unbelievably, the U.S. government files a lawsuit against Arizona. Some states, notably the liberal bastion of California, and a few universities have planned a boycott of Arizona. It seems that certain colleges will not send their teams to Arizona, but the same universities have no problem attending a tournament in the People’s Republic of China.

Does anyone remember the Tiananmen Square massacre? Good Lord in Heaven! If I’m dreaming, please wake me up! One must pose the question: How can we possibly accept the reality that a college team can be sent to China, but it is too dangerous or “politically incorrect” for it to take a field trip to Coronado National Memorial in Arizona? Who would ever think?

The saga continues! We now have a new term called “Anchor Babies.” If an illegal immigrant has a baby on American soil, the infant is an American citizen. That is the law, but should citizenship be granted in this case? Shouldn’t the legal status of the parent be the determining factor?

And if that’s not enough, we also have “Sanctuary Cities.” They are cities that do not enforce our nation’s immigration laws. Funny? I never knew that enforcing the law was optional. And isn’t it ironic and at the same time insane that our federal government is suing Arizona for enforcing the written law, but ignoring cities like San Francisco for breaking it?

On June 22, 2008, in San Francisco, Tony Bologna and his two sons, Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, were murdered by Edwin Ramos, an illegal immigrant who happened to be a member of MS-13, a Salvadoran criminal gang. How can the city officials sleep at night, knowing that they have given sanctuary to a criminal and inadvertently caused the murder of an American family?

On the news and the Internet, we have all seen footage of Mexican flags being flown at a school or mall in the Southwest. This is America; we have but one flag, and it is Old Glory! In many of our schools, teachers have to be able to speak Spanish. And how often do you hear “Press ‘1’ for English” or see signs in major chain stores in both English and Spanish? Question: Why the hell do we have to press “1” to hear English?

At times, I feel as though our government has sold us out. Both Democrats and Republicans refuse to do anything meaningful to secure our borders. We hear the old, worn-out mantra of “people seeking a better life” or “doing jobs Americans refuse to do.”

That is no excuse for breaking the law! One must wonder if the Washington upper class, the royals, are not once again putting party ahead of country. For the sake of votes and cheap labor, they will ignore the law and the good of our nation.

We are all sons and daughters of immigrants. Our ancestors arrived and we became Americans. We were told to speak English, obey the law, get a job, provide for your family, and be thankful and loyal to the country that gave you so much. Rugged Individualism, the Melting Pot, Manifest Destiny, the Pioneer Spirit and the Can-Do Attitude define our soul.

Become an American legally. Obey our laws. Embrace our unique culture and speak our language. If not, I’d rather you stay home.

CHUCK PINKEY is the owner of River Valley New Holland Inc. in Otego. He can be reached at chuck.rvnewholland@

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