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July 6, 2010

On the Right Side: Humble man will make good opponent for Gillibrand

— Last Saturday I was able to go to a meet-and-greet for David Malpass, an individual running against Kirsten Gillibrand for a New York Senate seat. I was very impressed.

He is a humble man with humble beginnings and is a true fiscal conservative with very strong conservative credentials.

He was a respected member in both the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations. He writes on a regular basis for Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

He has 10 common- sense strategies for reducing federal government spending, which he promises to advocate for from day one of his Senate term.

Just a few of these pledges: He promises to fight for no more earmarks, no new entitlements and no more bailouts. He pledges to limit the size of the national debt, defund the new health care law and use excess TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) money to reduce the national debt.

He will not vote for any funds to implement a VAT or IMF bailouts and will not vote for any new spending without matching cuts.

(I think it should be $3 in cuts for every $1 of new spending.) These pledges and more can be found on his website, www.davidmalpassforsenate.


It would be well worth your while to take a serious look at this individual. His credentials are for real. Gillibrand is very weak in comparison and very vulnerable. She had to be appointed to her seat and has only a 27 percent approval rating, according to one poll.

Also, look what happened when you voted for a person without looking further than his reading and oratorical skills ... a disaster.

Remember, liberals will once again try to lie their way into office since they know they have to appear to be like conservatives or they have no chance of being elected. It looks like this same philosophy is going to work for the latest Supreme Court nominee.

The sad part was that there was no one there to cover the Malpass event. It seems a little unfair that Gillibrand, Schumer and Murphy get all the coverage they do by making their late-term promises and then call this news. It is simply free campaign coverage and nothing more. It is very unfair to their opponents. I guarantee you that the above three Democrats will be receiving lots of coverage, much more than their opponents, from now to Election Day. Keep track and see if I’m right.

Now, on to some more incompetence by President Barack Obama. He sure talks tough, doesn’t he? He famously said earlier that he is looking for some rear ends to kick. Well, bend over, Barack, yours is the one that needs it the most. This liberal leader has to be the cheapest president to buy in our entire history.

He has been bought and paid for by labor unions. You can almost see the puppet strings attached.

It’s now been learned, only 70 days into the oil spill, that 27 countries and six international organizations offered their assistance from the beginning. The reason they haven’t been able to act is because of a law known as the Jones Act that dates back to 1920. It is simply a union protectionist law that prohibits foreign boats from operating within U.S. waters without American crews.

Because of this law, he has said thanks, but no thanks, to offers until this last week. Other presidents, including President George W. Bush, have waived the act temporarily, but immediately, when there has been a disaster. This was done when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. It’s called leadership, Barack. It’s what grownups with experience, competence, less arrogance and better judgment do during a crisis. Your inaction will cost billions of dollars and you have no one else to blame but yourself.

Under Barack’s leadership the Coast Guard stopped 16 crude-sucking ships from collecting oil until it could be guaranteed that “there were fire extinguishers and life vests aboard.”

Also, as of last week, it was reported that although there are 2,000 skimmers in the United States alone, only 20 are being used. Admiral Thad Allen, when asked about why this is the case, said we might need them for an oil spill. Way to go, Admiral, I think that is what we have now.

Obama likes to compare the oil spill disaster to the events of 9/11. Can you imagine how this guy would have reacted in a 9/11-type disaster? As columnist John Hawkins aptly writes, “I guess we’re lucky Obama wasn’t president when 9/11 happened or he’d probably still be trying to figure out who to bow to and where Afghanistan is on a map, between games of golf.”

Time for another photo-op, Barack. Get down to the gulf beaches, kneel and look serious, at least you’re good at that. I also hear they have great golf courses nearby.

TOM SEARS is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College

in Oneonta. He can be reached at SearsT@hartwick.

edu. His column appears every other week. His columns

can be found at

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