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November 24, 2009

On the Right Side: Right-wing will regain advantage

It's hard to believe this column represents four years of writing for The Daily Star. That's more than 100 columns!

I think I'll try for one more year so that I can get through the 2010 elections and celebrate all the election victories that will put the conservatives back in power, hopefully in both houses.

All conservatives have to do is just let Harry, Nancy and Barack continue to show how inept and incompetent they are in leading (?) this great country. Hopefully, we will be able to kick them out of office while we can still call our country great.

The public is starting to wise up to the fact that they made a terrible mistake these last two elections, and I have every confidence in this same electorate to see through the lies that will be spun once again this coming campaign season.

Finally, the voters are seeing what happens when the liberal left is in charge. We conservatives are going to have to take caution, not allowing the Republicans a second chance at controlling Congress unless they do a much better job than they did the last time.

They drifted away from the conservative principles and made the federal government larger and more intrusive rather than smaller, and were irresponsible fiscally.

We really are at the point where we don't have to worry about the ideologically radical, left-leaning liberals. They are becoming a smaller minority as time passes. They are simply loud, arrogant, emotional and non-fact-oriented, and the public is beginning to realize this.

Just look at a Gallup Poll taken the week of Nov. 9. It is unbelievable how quickly people are running away from the left, especially the independents.

As the Gallup Poll interpreter said: "Over the course of the year, independents' preference for the Republican candidate in their districts has grown from a 1-point advantage in July to the current 22-point positive gap."

At the beginning of the year, the country was still right of center. Forty percent called themselves conservatives, 40 percent called themselves independent and only 20 percent labeled themselves liberal. I would love to see what the percentages are now.

So, real Republicans just have to hang in there, and pretty soon our ideas will be listened to once again. You would have to be a liberal with your head stuck in the sand to have not heard the Republicans' alternative ideas regarding cap and trade, health care and the economy. It's too bad they are locked out of all the discussions going on behind closed doors.

And in addition to Obama failing miserably on the domestic front, he is making us the laughingstock of the world. He can't stand up to countries like North Korea, Iran and Russia. He dithers and won't make a decision regarding Afghanistan, thinking about what is best for him politically rather than taking the advice of our professional military leaders.

He is making us more dependent on countries like China and those in the oil-rich Middle East, and no one takes him seriously anymore. He does have time, however, to travel around the world rather than focus on the serious problems we have at home.

Let's see. His major accomplishments to date have been to travel with Oprah to unsuccessfully beg for the Olympics to be held in Chicago, and I'm sure he'll have time to tear himself away from all our pressing problems to humbly accept some fraudulent peace prize.

And then there is a Copenhagen conference coming up to discuss ... what do they call it now? Let's see, once it was man-made global cooling. Then, when the facts proved them wrong, they had to change it to man-made global warming, and once again, when they couldn't sell that one, they now use the politically correct term of climate change.

There is so much more to talk about, but I guess it will have to wait until the next column. It should be about the Fort Hood terrorist murders, the Barack Obama/Eric Holder debacle regarding trying terrorists as mere criminals, the politically correct crowd and the ridiculous notion of Islamaphobia.

Now I said it should be about these topics, but with Barack at the helm, I never know for sure.

Off the subject, a friend recently sent me an article about a Texas A&M University contest calling for an appropriate definition of the term "Political Correctness." Here's the winning definition: "Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to ..." (I can't finish it.)


Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week.