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May 25, 2010

On the Right Side: Change is happening, but not the change that the liberals want

— Change is happening, but not the change President Barack Obama intended.

From the New Jersey and Virginia governorship wins, the Massachusetts Senate upset, Dodd resigning to avoid embarrassment and possible prosecution, Arlen Specter rejected by his own party, Rand Paul defeating the Republican-backed candidate, to Sen. Blanche Lincoln forced into a runoff with 56 percent of Arkansas voters voting against her, the tidal wave is just getting started.

Thank you, Barack, for campaigning for both Specter and Lincoln. Please campaign for more of your chosen ones this coming fall.

The results thus far are just the tip of the iceberg.

More good news is yet to come. Democratic Sens. (Harry) Reid (of Nevada), (Kirsten) Gillibrand (New York), Barbara Boxer (California), Michael Bennett (Colorado), Patty Murray (Washington) and Russ Feingold (Wisconsin) are also vulnerable. Some political pundits are predicting a 40-to-70-seat swing in the House and possibly a Republican majority in the Senate.

There are only 161 days left until Election Day, and we conservatives, patriots and Tea Party members can’t let up now. The Tea Party movement is growing daily, and there is now a rally scheduled in Walton on June 19. (I want to thank Patricia Breakey and The Daily Star for the balanced coverage the group received.) Call Maureen O’Connell at 865-6003 or Susan McNeill at 865-5657 to see if you can help out in any way.

We have to keep our momentum going, build on our enthusiasm and maintain our stamina. Yes, we know there will be further attacks and insults by the left, so we have to be sure to support each other and make sure our conservative voices continue to be heard. We are winning, and more and more independent voters are supporting us every day.

The left has been used to getting in other people’s faces, being loud, arrogant, insulting and emotionally empty of fact, with no consequence. Those days are over, people.

And by support, I mean when conservatives run for federal, state or local positions, including town and village boards and school boards, they are often in the minority. When asked by them, we have to attend those meetings, stand with them and encourage them to stick to their principles.

Yes, lots of incumbents of both parties have to be thrown out. However, conservatives can’t afford to form a third party. We must use the Republican Party and make it become the party of conservative ideas once again.

I would like to say support the most conservative candidate, regardless of party affiliation, but I can no longer do that.

Democratic Party members, who claimed to be fiscally conservative, turned tail and voted for Obama’s health care fiasco, supporting the ultra-liberal Democratic Party leadership rather than what the majority of Americans desired. Also, the socially conservative pro-life Democrats in the House sacrificed their principles and voted for the bill, using the empty excuse that Obama, the most liberal, anti-life person to come out of the Senate, would issue an executive order banning federally funded abortions.

That’s not why they voted for the bill. It was an attempt to save face after showing they could be bought, very cheaply it seems.

The last straw came when the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, came and addressed both houses of Congress and insulted our country repeatedly. The Democrats frequently supported his condemnation of the Arizona law by repeatedly cheering and giving him standing ovations.

Now, please tell me why incumbents will toe the party line instead of supporting their constituents and their country? First, the bill is not the least bit racist, and in fact prevents abuse by prohibiting police from acting based on “race, color or national origin.” Liberals must be blind or simply can’t read.

Columnist Debra Saunders said it well by stating: “What a spectacle. Senators and House members were cheering a foreign leader for bashing an Arizona law intended to bolster the federal immigration law passed by _ who else? _ Senators and House members.”

It was a very good column, and you should go online and read it in its entirety. Liberals, you now have another strong conservative woman to demonize. You will fail as completely as you did with Sarah Palin.

Remember, Democratic candidates will go out of their way to lie about their conservative credentials. They have a great role model to follow in Barack Obama. Don’t fall for it again. Judge them solely on their past actions and voting records, not their promises. The same holds true for Republican candidates; it is their actions, not their promises, that mean anything.

This is a four-year test of our resolve. This year we completely change the out-of-control, unbridled growth of our government and get rid of as many liberal, lobby-loving, socialist- leaning incumbents as possible. We must stop Obama’s agenda in its tracks. In 2012, we get rid of Obama.

TOM SEARS is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week. His columns can be found at www.thedailystar. com/tomsears.