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March 1, 2012

It's a dusty world in here, out there

Have you ever noticed how quickly surfaces in your house get dusty?

When the sun comes through the window at a certain angle, I am always shocked at how many dust particles fill the air. The bedroom seems to be the worst, because of all the bed blankets and clothes, which are being moved around in some fashion or another. The average six-room house typically accumulates 40 pounds of dust a year. That's a lot of dust. It comes from our skin, pets, furniture and is brought in from outdoors via our shoes, open doors and windows.

Did you know there's even several definitions for dust? One defines it as "dry, solid particles less than 0.0625 millimeters in diameter" making it even smaller than a grain of sand. The dust bunnies that you see rolling around are created by static electricity and most often are composed of hair and skin particles.

There are no end of devices and products to help you temporarily combat dust, but dust always wins in the end.

A few years ago, I had a very interesting reference question regarding dust. A lady called me and said she had thousands of books in her house and she wanted to know what kind of product to purchase to spray on her books to keep dust from settling on them.

She did not want any dust to gather on them and knew, just knew, there had to be a product on the market for books to keep dust from accumulating on them. I assured her there was no such thing, and the only recourse was to dust them, or even use her vacuum. She was not pleased with my answer, feeling sure I was keeping something secret. If only she knew how much time we spend dusting more than 55,000 books here at the library each year. Looking for a way to gain instant fame and fortune? Invent something that keeps dust at bay. It will save all of us years of time cleaning.

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