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December 7, 2013

Step Back in Time: Dec. 7, 2013

The Daily Star

---- — Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

Dec. 7, 1988

LAURENS — For years Meg Anderson Argo of Laurens believed that one day she’d hear the words, “Come on down, Meg Argo! You are on ‘The Price Is Right!’”

“When I decided I would be a contestant, I just knew I would be selected,” she said. But she didn’t know she’d win over $6,000 in prizes on the long-running television game show, which will air on Jan. 23.

On Nov. 29, Mrs. Argo was one of nine contestants picked from the Los Angeles audience of 320. It was a moment she had been anticipating for five years.

In 1983, she sent away for passes to the show, although it wasn’t until this year that she and her husband, Robert, had a chance to travel to the West Coast.

She was the second contestant called and the first winner when she estimated the cost of a trip to Palm Springs, Calif. more closely than her rivals.

“We will take that next year for our anniversary. It includes air fare, and a week at the Mission Hills Resort,” she said.

In addition to the trip, she won a seven-piece cookware set, a deluxe model refrigerator freezer, exercise equipment, a sofa bed in the right shade for her living room and a computerized sewing machine.

“My husband is ecstatic over the exercise machine. Our living room is bare of furniture since we moved what we had to the den downstairs, and our refrigerator has been on the fritz,” she said.


50 years ago

Dec. 7, 1963

A complete, beginning-to-end account of one of the most dreadful chapters in American history — the assassination of President Kennedy and the events that followed — is being prepared by the Associated Press in a book titled “The Torch Is Passed.”

This newspaper has arranged to make it available to all its readers at the very reasonable rate of $2. It will not be sold through bookstores.

Since the president’s murder Nov. 22 there have been thousands of stories and pictures, with memories piling on memories. The AP’s 100-page book will bring together the best of these in a permanent record of living history.

It will include color as well as black and white photographs — some already classics, some published for the first time.

The moving narrative will trace in detail the events to the instant of the tragedy — Lee Oswald’s full history, the last happy moments of the Kennedy Texas tour, and the last sad journey to Arlington. It will cover the president’s death at the hospital, the transfer of power to President Johnson, and how the word reached the other Kennedys, the nation and the world.

The whole story — concise, complete, lavishly illustrated — will appear in this one book.