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September 1, 2011

What to do with all those zucchini and cucumbers

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There is an abundance of zucchini and cucumbers in gardens this year. As an avid cook and baker, I am always trying new recipes. It's fun to look for new recipes on the Web, and by typing in "zucchini recipes" or "cucumber recipes" in your favorite search engine, you'll come up with more recipes than you can possibly try in one season. Two great sites for recipes are and The library also has cookbooks galore with recipes featuring these and other fresh vegetables.

New Books

Tess Beauchamp is a brilliant weather scientist who has been named as the chief of TELSA, a state-of-the-art weather facility in Antarctica. It is owned by Flint Agro-Chemical and the facility is known to provide perfect weather for its crop fields and flocks throughout the world, while giving its competitors hail and drought. Tess is replacing Greg, who cut a deal with the Pentagon on providing perfect weather for one of the military operations. Flint is transferring him out, but he sets in motion a series of calamitous weather conditions before Tess even has time to settle in to her new job. She and co-worker Nik have to break Greg's code and regain control of the weather before the U.S. government blows them out of existence in the novel "Dry Ice" by Bill Evans.

Christian is a hired killer on his final job in Phoenix, Ariz., and Detective Sayles is looking for him. Jimmie, a young boy who lives on his own after being abandoned by his parents is having the killer's dreams. Three males of different ages and unknown to each other are pulled together in the "The Killer Is Dying," a novel by James Sallis.

"I Gave My Heart to Know This," a novel by Ellen Baker, is multi-generational story beginning in January 1944 and goes forward 50 years. At the start, a group of women are working for the war effort at a Wisconsin shipyard, worrying about their enlisted family members who are overseas. Their lives end up in turmoil when news from the front reaches them, and their lives are changed forever. Fifty years later, when the great-granddaughter returns to the family home, she uncovers the secrets that shattered the family.

Author Matthew Dunn has worked as an M16 field operative in many clandestine missions. He has used those experiences to write "Spycatcher," an espionage thriller. Superspy Will Cochrane is assigned to find and neutralize a terrorist mastermind who is believed to be an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general. Will intends to use someone from the man's past to bring him out, but he soon discovers that the enemy has many tricks up his sleeve and is far more dangerous than anyone could have believed.

Children's Books

"A is for Autumn" by Robert Maass contains beautiful photographs of all things fall. Apples, leaves, frost, monarchs and more. The squash look so real, it seems as if you can take them right off the page to cook them.

Popular author Judy Sierra's latest book is "ZooZical." It's winter at the zoo and no one is visiting. The animals are out of sorts because of it. When the baby kangaroo and small hippo start hopping and rapping all over, the animals decide to put on a ZooZical. This rhyming, fun story of the show they create will have everyone out of their doldrums fast.

"When I Woke Up I Was a Hippopotamus" by Tom MacRae and Ross Collins features a little boy who changes into different creatures all day long. He manages to irritate one person after another until he finally goes too far and his parents change into creatures, too. Can they ever get back to normal?

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