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November 10, 2011

My books are overdue because ...

We recently held a contest and asked children to write stories about why their books are overdue.

There were lots of entries and you just wouldn't believe some of the crazy reasons.

Many are laugh-out-loud funny.

All the entries are hanging in the children's rooms at the library, so stop soon and read their stories.

Here are our three winners:

Aaron, age 12

My library books have been over due for six months and it all started at Yankee Stadium. I got the books at Huntington Library, and the books were called "Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets" and the other book was called "How to Eat Fried Worms."

On Saturday, July 16, my family and I went to Yankee Stadium. The stadium is only open on weekends. I decided to bring my library books with me in the car to read.

When we got to the stadium, I carried my books to my seat.

I looked up at the scoreboard and saw New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox. I was excited but I had to go to the bathroom first. I put my books under my seat. After the game was finished my mom said, "Let's go home." I said "OK."

I accidentally left the books under my seat!

I didn't realize that I left my books until I got home. So, I called Yankee Stadium to see if they would mail them to me. No one answered the phone. I was sad so my mom took me to Mama Nina's to eat pizza.

After Mama Nina's we drove down Main Street. I saw Derek Jeter with my library books! I told my mom to stop. I jumped out of the car and I ran after him.

I asked him where he found them. He said "I was looking for you because I saw your name in them. Instead of mailing them, I thought I would bring them to you because you're one of my fans!" He gave me the books and billions of dollars, so I could pay the late fee. I said "thank you" and he said "you're welcome." I got whatever I wanted with that money.

Gregory, age 12

I went to the library to take out some books but the librarian said I can't take any books out. I said, "Why can't I take any books out?" She said, "You have to return all your library books because they are over due. You have to return all your books if you want to take out more books."

I told her that I tried to bring my books but I put them in the fridge and my refrigerator was running so it ran away.

So then I got on my bike and rode after it then I hopped on top of it but then a big bird came and picked me up.

Then before I knew it I was up in a big tree in a big nest with a big bird sitting next to me.

Then I looked down and I could see the fridge running. I had to think of a way to get down so I thought I could climb down but that would take too long. But then I saw a lake right next to the tree so I jumped out of the tree into the lake. Then I got out of the lake and I ran after the fridge but I could not catch it then I realized I could unplug it so I unplugged it and it stopped running.

Then I ran up to it and opened the fridge and got my books out and went home. When I got home I set my books on the counter to be returned to the library.

Then later that day I went to the library to take out some books but I forgot my overdue library books at home.

Jeanne, age 11

Why are my library books overdue? That is a simple question. It all started one Monday morning when I woke up and realized that I had to leave early for school because of a field trip. Simple enough, right? Well, as I was eating cereal and looking over my homework for Tuesday one more time, it started raining.

But not just raindrops _ oh, no, it was anything but raindrops! It started raining ice cream cones, and the puddles were fudge. I was so happy that I went outside and started eating the ice cream and drinking the fudge puddles. But suddenly, a huge, empty cone fell from the sky and trapped me inside! I didn't know what to do. I tried eating my way out, but after a while it started to make me sick.

So I sat down and waited for someone to save me, but no one came. I was trapped inside for two weeks! Two whole weeks!

On the third Monday, I realized, to my horror, that my library books were overdue. "Oh dear! What will I do?" I exclaimed. To my surprise, a huge crane lifted the cone off me and I was free! I was so happy I cried ice-cream tears. Now that is why my library books are overdue. Oh, and by the way _ do you have any ice cream cones?

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Marie Bruni is director of Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. Her column appears in the community section of The Daily Star every Thursday. Her columns can be found online at

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