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August 8, 2013

Can they fly? Scientists disagree

I love watching birds fly, especially when they catch a draft and soar ever upward without ever having to flap their wings. 

That got me thinking about which birds can’t fly, such as penguins. Simple enough question, but not so with the answer. Scientists positively agree that in addition to penguins, these birds can’t fly: cassowary, emu, kiwi, ostrich, rhea and tinamous. After that point, the debates begin. Scientists maintain anywhere from nine to 40 bird species can’t fly. What an incredible range. Even within a species some fly, some don’t. Some birds have wings allowing them to fly, but they don’t, they only walk. When the counting begins, those birds are counted in two different ways, depending on who is doing the counting. 

Although I had hoped to give you a definitive answer about which birds can’t fly when I started researching this, we’ll just have to stick with the seven listed since there is no consensus beyond that. For me, it’s back to watching them fly and soar, let the scientists argue it out.


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Joe DeMarco has worked for Congressman John Mahoney for years and has helped him get out many different difficult situations. Now, the Congressman is asking for his help with his daughter, Molly. She’s been arrested and charged with insider trading. She allegedly bet a half million dollars on a tech firm whose price later soared. The question though, is how did she come up with that much money? It’s just the tip of the iceberg in “House Odds,” a novel by Michael Lawson.

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