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February 26, 2011

Roxbury earns 11 medals at Science Olympiad

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The Science Olympiad Regional Tournament was held Saturday, Feb. 5, at the College of Saint Rose in Albany.

The Roxbury Science Olympiad Team returned from the high school regional tournament with medals from 11 of the 22 events. According to a media release, the team doubled the medal count from last year's tournament.

Twenty-three teams participated in the Regional Tournament.

Team participants, and medals awarded, if applicable, are as follows:


Anatomy and Physiology: Jennifer Wallace and Angela Perazone.

Astronomy: Tarah DiBenedetto and Meghan Wallace, bronze medal.

Chemistry Lab: Tarah DiBenedetto and Angela Perazone.

Disease Detective: Bailey O'Donnell and Kennedy Faraci, silver medal.

Dynamic Planet: Elaine Faison and Kennedy Faraci, bronze medal.

Ecology: Jennifer Wallace and Brittney Bell.

Experimental Design: Jennifer Wallace, Abby Wallace and Angela Perazone, fourth place medal.

Forensics: Meghan Wallace and Abby Wallace, fifth place medal.

Fossils: Mickey McAfee and Tarah DiBenedetto, bronze medal.

Magnetic Levitation: Heather Reinshagen and Brandi Carufe, silver medal.

Microbe Mission: Mickey McAfee and Tarah DiBenedetto.

Mousetrap Vehicle: Garrett Hall and Heather Reinshagen, silver medal.

Optics: Garrett Hall and Tarah DiBenedetto.

Ornithology: Briana Sullivan and Elaine Faison, bronze medal.

Protein Modeling: Mickey McAfee, Tarah DiBenedetto and Meghan Wallace.

Remote Sensing: Heather Reinshagen and Bailey O'Donnell.

Sumo Bots: Heather Reinshagen and Garrett Hall, fourth place medal.

Technical Problem Solving: Mickey McAfee and Garrett Hall.

Tower Building: Elaine Faison and Brandi Carufe, gold medal.

Wind Power: Brandi Carufe and Elaine Faison.

Write It/Do It: Brittney Bell and Meghan Wallace.


Anatomy and Physiology: Alexi Boice and Tiffany Faulkner.

Astronomy: Katie Fairbairn and Kaitlin Brew.

Disease Detective: Alexi Boice and Kaitlin Brew.

Ecology: Alexi Boice and Tiffany Faulkner.

Experimental Design: Alexi Boice and Katie Fairbairn and Kaitlin Brew.

Ornithology: Kaitlin Brew and Tiffany Faulkner.

Remote Sensing: Alexi Boice and Katie Fairbairn.

Write It/Do It: Katie Fairbairn and Kaitlin Brew.

The team is coached by Fred Zimmerman, Fred Zerega, Janie Kellerhouse, Al Vigna, Joan Riordan and Jessica Boyer.