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November 19, 2013

Step Back in Time: Nov. 19, 2013

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---- — Step Back Text ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/SolidText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/Solid$ID/NothingText ColorText Color$ID/NothingText ColorText Colorin Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

Nov. 19, 1988

Deer season for gun hunters opens Monday in Chenango, Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie counties, and local women will head into the woods.

Alarm clocks will ring about 4 a.m. and women will put on their long underwear, warm socks and heavy red jackets, then load their guns and fill their thermos bottles with coffee.

While their numbers may be small, women hunters’ passion for the sport is equal to that of their male counterparts.

“It’s the matching of wits, human against deer,” said Lynne Borow of Delhi.

Hope Brown of Walton, who has hunted in Delaware County for about 40 years, shot a six-point buck back in 1964 and had it mounted. Her first time out she got a doe.

Some of the women who hunt in the area gut the deer they shoot, others let the men take care of it. “On a cold day the deer’s body heat warms my fingers,” Borow said.

Many women joined the sport through relatives or husbands. “I followed my big brother around as a kid,” said Ruth Toohey, who hunts on Franklin Mountain in Oneonta.

Not every deer sighting needs to end up as a kill. Brown once watched a doe protecting her fawn.

Brown said she stood motionless as the doe spotted her. The doe stomped her hoof and the fawn froze. “The doe moved a little closer and a little closer, and the fawn just stayed where it was,” she said.

“Finally she was close enough to me. I deliberately moved so she’d stop walking. Then the doe stomped her foot again and the fawn ran off. The mother quickly followed.”

 50 years ago

Nov. 19, 1963

Greeley Osterhout and Virgil Andrews are ages apart but they had one experience in common with dozens of other hunters Monday — they bagged their deer early on the first day of the season.

The woods of Otsego and Delaware counties were filled with hunters from far afield Monday as the two-week open season on male deer began.

“It was like the old Fourth of July celebrations,” one rural resident reported. “Beginning at 7 o’clock sharp it was ‘boom … boom …boom-boom-boom.’ If every shot got a deer, the woods would be cleared of game.”

One hopeful sign amid the shooting and slaying of game: no injuries were reported inflicted on hunters in the two counties.

Proudest hunter but most reticent probably was Mr. Osterhout of Portlandville. At age 91 the retired U&D and D&H railroader and longtime (until last year) fireman at the Oneonta Theater, was on the hill across Route 28 from his home at 7 a.m. when the season began. He had two slugs for his shotgun. He needed only one. A few minutes after his season began it ended as he downed a 140-pound buck.

Mr. Osterhout dragged the deer from the hill before neighbors helped him get it across the busy road and home where he lives upstairs in a home occupied by grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Dart.

About the time Mr. Osterhout made his kill young Virgil Andrews, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Andrews of the Otsdawa Road, was making good on his first try.

Virgil has hunted small game before but he was using his brother’s shotgun as he roamed a hill near his home Monday morning about 7:15. Then the 120-pound five-point buck came by — and down.