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September 27, 2012

When autumn falls

We’ve now entered the third season of the year autumn, also known as fall. 

Why do we also call autumn fall? We don’t have two names for the other seasons.

It is believed the term “fall” finds its roots in Old English. Terms such as “feallen” and “fieall” were used to indicate fall of the leaf and fall of the year. Over time, as people began abbreviating words, it was a small step to shorten those longer words to the short and simple term “fall.”

For me, the word fall immediately conjures up a mental picture of leaves falling off trees, along with the smells that are like no other time of year. And don’t forget the apples and the cider. Can you tell it’s my favorite?


Tovah Martin was us to rethink the plants we have in our house and update them to something exciting. In “The Unexpected Houseplant,”

she advocates spring bulbs, perennials even small trees for different places in the house. More than 200 choices are suggested and photos are included with the plant care instructions. It will open your eyes to new ideas.

Hannah was a renowned journalist and war correspondent until she had a traumatic brain injury. Hannah is now staying with her sister on her small farm in

“More Than Sorrow,”

 a novel by Vicki Delany. She takes comfort in her friendship with Hila, an Afghan woman, also traumatized by war. In the attic, Hannah discovers boxes of old letters from 1784 written by Loyalists fleeing from the U.S. She then sees a visions of a woman in the icy mist. Is this real or a result of her brain damage?


“No Easy Day”

by Mark Owen is a firsthand account of the Osama bin Laden mission as written by a Navy SEAL. The narrative is a step-by-step account of the 24-man mission and how they brought down the elusive bin Laden. You’ll also learn about the training of the SEALS and the rigors they undergo in training and missions.

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