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September 17, 2013

Morris Alumni meet for 124th year

The Daily Star

---- — The Morris Alumni Association held its 124th reunion on Sunday, June 23, at the Morris Central School with 119 alumni and guests present. Tours and social hour started at noon.

President Lynn Joy welcomed everyone; Maureen Joy led prayer at 1 p.m.

A  meal from Brooks’ House of Bar-B-Q’s was served by the Gilbertsville 4-H Dairy Club and their leaders.

Following the dinner, Lynn Joy called the meeting to order and thanked the servers,Arline Pickens for printing all name labels, Amy Gage, Jennifer Jones, Helen Hoag and Martha Benjamin for help with mailing the invitations and registration, and Deborah Newell for the donation of ice cream in memory of her father, Spiel Goodier. Thanks were also extended to James Whitaker for coming in on a Sunday to help with set up.

Joy read the class lists starting with the class of 1939 with one member present, Marion Jacobsen Dodge, celebrating her 74th anniversary.

The following celebrated anniversaries of their graduation:

Class of 1940, 73rd: Howard Turnbull and Vincent Brannick.

Class of 1941, 72nd: Robert Klindt and Wanda Card Brannick.

Class of 1943, 70th: Betty Tremlett Jenison, Robert Lull, Robert Spencer and Edward Spencer.

Class of 1944, 69th: Ethel Lamb Goodspeed.

Class of 1945, 68th: Esther Olds Butler, Dorothy Roberts Manley, Arline Kaiser Pickens and Jeannette Pickens Rendo.

Class of 1946, 67th: Alma Jacobsen Pickens.

Class of 1948, 65th: Donald Wing.

Class of 1950, 63rd: Earl Boyd, Wayne Harrington, Doris Cole Martin and Barbara Hull Bunn.

Class of 1951, 62nd: William Kodrich and Joseph Lamphere.

Class of 1952, 61st: Roger Parker

Class of 1953, 60th: Barbara Springett Gardner, Audrey Palmer Gregory, Corrine Sickler Dickerson and Thelma Utter Foerster.

Class of 1954, 59th: Wanetta Olds Daniels, Joyce Toomath Lamphere and Glenn Wilson.

Class of 1955, 58th: Ronald Parker and Barbara Parker  Prindle.

Class of 1956, 57th: Charlotte Douglas Harrington, John Holdridge Jr. and Roger Wilson.

Class of 1957, 56th: Martha Wagner Benjamin.

Class of 1958, 55th: Roland Gassier, Henrietta Olds Kodrich, and Alice Pickens Maraglio.

Class of 1959, 54th: Lois Wagner Jones and Robert Joy Jr.

Class of 1960, 53rd: Geraldine Hess Mitchell, Barbara Bird Smith, Imogene Smith Schlee and Paul Tourtellotte.

Class of 1961, 52nd: Linda Jones Douglas, Gail Tourtellotte  Fitz-Patrick and Barbara Johnson Parker.

Class of 1962, 51st: Sharon Palmer Bosco, Barry Frederick, Phyllis Washburn House, Carlyle Hoffman, Henry Rehrmann and Marcia McWilliams Rehrmann.

Class of 1963, 50th: Elaine Wright Frederick, Stephen McWilliams, David Payton and Karen Hanson Turpin.

Class of 1964, 49th: Howard Elliott, Eileen Dodge Elliott, Dawn Tourtellotte Joslin and Patricia Lull Matteson.

Class of 1965, 48th: Lynn Joy, John Matteson and Kathleen Hess Robinson.

Class of 1966, 47th: Mariel Hungerford Tremain.

Class of 1967,46th: Amy Wagner Gage and Helen Wagner Hoag.

Class of 1969, 44th: Janice Klindt Alger and Sophie Wagner Liberatore.

Class of 1972, 41st: Glenn Tourtellotte.

Class of 1973, 40th: Barbara Collison and James Tremlett.

Class of 1976, 37th: Deborah Goodier Newell.

Class of 1977, 36th: Keith Balbuena

Class of 1979, 34th: Mark Balbuena and June Tourtellotte Hueth.

Class of 1980, 33rd: Donna Foote Henderson, Jennifer Jones and Stacia Gregory Norman.

Class of 1986, 27th: Daphne Joy Thompson.

Class of 1987, 26th: Brenda Prindle Spencer.

Class of 1995, 18th: Rebecca Joy Barringer.

Class of 2012, first: Emily Canney.

Faculty and staff: Norman Boyd, Harriett Collison, Marilyn Crumb, Marion Jacobsen Dodge, Maureen Joy, William Kodrich, Stacia Gregory Norman and James Whitaker.

Others in attendance: Class of 2016: Meghan Barringer; Class of 2018: Kaleigh Spencer; Class of 2019: Samantha Barringer and Elizabeth Thompson; Class of 2023: Bethanee Barringer.

It was reported that the Fourth Annual Golf Tournament took in $2,956, which will go toward the Scholarship Fund. There were 20 teams and 13 of the teams had alumni on them. The committee members were Barry and Elaine Frederick, Charlotte Harrington, Hank Rehrmann, Lynn Joy, Barbara Smith and Jim Tremlett. 

The Alumni Scholarships this year went to: Senior: Anna King, Junior: Haley Wist, Sophmore: First Kaylyn Oliver, second place tie, Stacey Benjamin and Cheyenne Osuna, Freshman: 1st Maeve Kranbul, 2nd Peter Wendler. A motion was made by Barbara Smith to raise the Senior and Junior Scholarships each by $100, Lois Jones seconded the motion and all were in agreement.

The dinner committee for next year will be Helen Hoag, Deborah Newell and Daphne Thompson.

A motion was made to keep the same officers and the nominations were closed. Results: Lynn Joy, president; Martha Benjamin, vice president; and Lois Jones, secretary-treasurer.

Door prizes for free meals next year were won by: Henrietta Kodrich, Stacia Norman, Marcia Rehrmann, John Matteson, Howard Turnbull and Joe Lamphere.

One verse of the Alma Mater and “God Bless America” were sung, with accompaniment from Doris Martin on piano and Howard Turnbull on his violin.

Motion to adjourn was made by Barbara Smith and seconded by Bill Kodrich.