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February 16, 2011

4-H Honor Brunch recognizes leaders, teens

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On Jan. 15, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County held a 4-H Honor Brunch to honor 4-H leaders and teens for the 2010 4-H year. About 100 4-H leaders, 4-H teens, and guests attended the brunch. All costs of the event were sponsored by the Delaware County 4-H Program through the use of the Carley Memorial Fund.

John Hannum and Emily Roach, 4-H program educators, and Jerry Merrill, 4-H program issue committee chairman and a Cornell Cooperative Extension Board of Directors representative, recognized the leaders for their continued support of 4-H youth by presenting each leader with a certificate. 4-H teens were also given certificates and pins for their accomplishments throughout the year.

Six leaders were recognized for their first-year accomplishments. Eight leaders were recognized for two years of service, seven leaders for three years of service, and nine leaders were recognized for four years of service.

Additional years of recognition are as follows:

Five years: Ashley Barnes, Kristin Barron, Terry Hannum, Jayne Anne Harris, Janice Kehr, Jennifer Lobdell, Brinton Muller and Michael Stuligross.

Six years: Charles Engel, Wendy Engel, Robert Huyck, Beth McGuire, Nanci Miller and Deborah Muller.

Seven years: Curtis Kehr, Jill Lutz, Karin Vagts and Laura Wood.

Eight years: Joyce Curtin, Bill Sherman, Teresa Sherman, Bethany Shirkey and Jim Sickler.

Nine years: Corrine Bishop, Penny Bishop, Steve Bishop, Emilee Curtin and Bridget Davis.

11 years: Karena Cline and Betty Scott.

12 years: Jayne Barnes, Terri Holdridge and Kendra Wiggans.

13 years: Nancy Cucciarre-Stuligross and Michele Shirkey.

14 years: Lisa Huyck and Amy Kilmer.

15 years: Diane DeDominicis.

20 years: Greg Graupman, Barbara Hanselman and Wayne McClenon.

21 years: Timothy Hess, Nanette LaTourette and Scott McClenon.

25 years: Pam Graupman, Carol Hess and John McClenon.

28 years: Sandy McClenon.

29 years: Nancy Backus.

33 years: Nancy LaTourette.

34 years: Richard LaTourette.

42 years: Mary Lou Faigle.


The Trips & Awards Committee evaluated Member Record Books that were sent in by teen members. The following 4-H teens were awarded "County Champions." They received a pin and certificate for their outstanding work in each project or area of interest listed.

Megan Andersen, Hancock Area 4-H Club: Beef, Dog, Horse.

Justine Bishop, Country Bumpkins from Delhi: Fashion Revue, Public Speaking.

Tristen Bowker, Country Cousins from Hamden: Gardening and Horticulture.

Candice Caruso, Crafty Kids from Walton: Cavy, Rabbit

Christopher Cerosaletti, Rocking Cows from East Meredith; Electricity, Public Speaking.

Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, Crafty Kids from Walton: Clothing, Fashion Revue, Fitness Leadership, Gardening and Horticulture, Outdoor Education and Recreation, Plant Science, Public Speaking.

Andrea Davis, Del-Bros from Deposit: Gardening and Horticulture.

Matthew Gray, an independent member from New Kingston: Dairy, Food and Nutrition, Home Environment, Wood Science.

Nick Hannum, The Unnamed 4-H Club from South Kortright: Outdoor Education and Recreation.

Kati Hess, Borderliners from Deposit: Home Environment, Photography and Video.

Kimberly Kehr, Crafty Kids from Walton: Dog, Photography and Video.

Quinn Kelley, The Unnamed 4-H Club from Delhi: Poultry.

Brandi Kilmer, Country Cousins from Hamden: Food and Nutrition.

Justin Merrill, an independent member from Downsville: Agriculture, Dairy.


The following awards are given to those 4-H'ers who have been enrolled in several project areas. The awards committee considers these 4-H'ers the top Delaware County Teens for 2010. The three awards are:

Achievement: Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, Matthew Gray, Nick Hannum and Justin Merrill.

Community Service: Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, Nick Hannum, Kimberly Kehr and Quinn Kelley.

Leadership: Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, Nick Hannum, Quinn Kelley and Justin Merrill.


The following teens will travel to Ithaca, Cobleskill, Albany, New York City, or Washington, D.C. to see the sights, learn about careers and meet others.

The Capital Days Trip to Albany is awarded on the basis of citizenship, leadership, ability and overall achievement. The participants in this program will spend two days with 4-H'ers from every county in New York State meeting senators and assemblymen, touring the Capitol, Legislative Office Building and State Museum.

Winners are: Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross and Justin Merrill, with Brandi Kilmer as first alternate and Megan Andersen as second alternate.

The Honor Award Trip to New York City is a cultural trip awarded to four 4-H'ers. Selection is based on accomplishment and achievements in 4-H.

Winners are: Candice Caruso, Andrea Davis, Kimberly Kehr and Quinn Kelley.

The Agri-Business Career Trip to Cobleskill and the Albany area is awarded to teens who may be interested in a career in agri-business.

The winner is: Christphopher Cerosaletti

The 4-H Career Exploration Trip to Cornell is an opportunity for youths to explore the resources of Cornell University. The three days are a chance to learn about science and technology, check out college life, and develop leadership skills through one of several programs.

Winners are: Megan Andersen, Tristen Bowker, Nick Hannum and Kimberly Kehr, with Lorlyn Kilmer as first alternate and Christopher Cerosaletti as second alternate.

The Citizenship Washington Focus Trip is a week in Washington, D.C., at the National 4-H Center with 4-H'ers from central and western New York, plus other states. They will learn about citizenship at the nation's capital, participate in tours and group discussion, listen to speakers, and more.

The winners are: Matthe Gray and Kati Hess, with Nick Hannum as first alternate and Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross as second alternate.


At this year's New York State Fair, seven Delaware County 4-H teen leaders helped state 4-H Staff run the fair program and received a Certificate of Recognition for their work.

They are: Justine Bishop, Melissa Bishop, Matthe Gray, Elizabeth Greenman, Nick Hannum, Will Hannum and Quinn Kelley.


Eighteen 4-H'ers were chosen to compete at the District Public Presentation level. The competition was held at the Chenango Forks High School in Chenango Bridge.

They are: Megan Andersen, Colleen Beers, Justine Bishop, Candice Caruso, Christopher Cerosaletti, Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, Jamie Dugan, Nick Hannum, Megan Hunter, Inga Johansson, Molly Karlin, Quinn Kelley, Lorlyn Kilmer, Emily Lapinel, Alex Legg, Rachel Maxwell, Jennifer Reach and Randall Reinshagen.


Five 4-H'ers traveled to Syracuse to present their presentations to the public in Youth Building at the New York State Fair:

They are: Maya Beards, Elizabeth Greenman, Alex Hess, Rachel Maxwell and Emily Lapinel.


From the District Public Presentation Event, seven 4-H'ers were selected to go on to the state level competition.

They are: Colleen Beers, Candice Caruso, Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, Nick Hannum and Quinn Kelley and two gold-medal winners Justine Bishop and Christopher Cerosaletti.

Other awards

Each month, 4-H club secretaries send in their club reports to the 4-H office. Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, of the Crafty Kids of Walton, had all 12 reports filed on time in the office.

Each year 4-H news reporters send in articles to the 4-H office that they had published.

The criteria to become an Honor News Reporter is as follows: 4-H news reporters must have three news articles published in one year and these articles must be sent to the 4-H office. At least one article must be printed in a newspaper. The other two can be published in school, church or community newsletters or papers, including the Extension Connection.

Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, of the Crafty Kids of Walton, and Abbi Miller, of Del-Bros from Deposit, were named Honor News Reporters.

Ten 4-H clubs filled out and returned their club activities contest forms and have been selected as Honor Clubs. They are listed with their name, location and leader's name:

Backyard Critters, Davenport, Shannon Christensen.

Borderliners, Deposit, Carol Hess.

Catskill Pioneers, Hobart, Eleanor Jesen and Kim Whritner.

Country Cousins, Hamden, Deb Muller.

Crafty Kids, Walton, Nancy Cuciarre-Stuligross.

Delaware County Porkies Plus, Trout Creek, Nancy Latourette.

Del-Bros, Deposit, Michele Shirkey.

Kids & Kritters, Masonville, Karleen DuMond.

The Colorful Clovers, Hobart, Stacy Palmatier.

Thistle Be The Best Little 4-H Club, Hobart, Christine Miller.

Cornell Cooperative Extension and National 4-H Week was celebrated during the week of Oct. 3-9. Eight 4-H Clubs set up a window display in their home towns to showcase their club and to promote 4-H throughout the month.

The following clubs were recogized:

Backyard Critters, Davenport, Shannon Christensen.

Borderliners, Deposit, Carol Hess.

Crafty Kids, Walton, Nancy Cuciarre-Stuligross.

Delaware County Wild & Wooly, Walton, Greg Graupan.

Del-Bros, Deposit, Michele Shirkey.

Kids & Kritters, Masonville, Karleen DuMond.

Little Clovers, Franklin, Donna Machala.

Thistle Be The Best Little 4-H Club, Hobart, Christine Miller.