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May 7, 2013


The Daily Star

---- — To an effort by the city of Oneonta to give away trees to homeowners. 

The city has already been active in planting trees along streets in the median strip between the roadway and the sidewalk. More trees means more shade and less pollution, as well as adding aesthetic appeal. 

Now the city is taking it a step further and offering attractive species such as redbud, crabapple, flowering pear and lilac to qualifying homeowners with suitable sites for planting.  

There’s just one problem. The city doesn’t have a lot of takers. 

We encourage property owners in the city to consider “adopting” one of these trees. They are selected to be low-maintenance, and an expert will help pick the right tree for the right site, leaving you with little to do but sit back and enjoy the view. 

At this time of year, when flower and leaf buds are transforming our landscapes, who wouldn’t want a little more color in the yard? 

To the town of Hartwick’s annual Clean Sweep event. 

Every year, the town encourages residents to participate in a roadside cleanup project. In addition, the event allows people to bring in those hard-to-dispose-of items such as furniture, electronics and appliances. 

The Clean Sweep has a lighthearted tone; people participating in the roadside cleanup can compete for silly prizes, including “best pokey stick.” Winners receive engraved mini-bats from Cooperstown Bat Co., and everyone gets coupons for free ice cream. 

The town started the grassroots program about five years ago. In 2011, town clerk Sarah McGuire called it “a very exciting event,” adding that “What I love most about it is that it gives people pride in their community.”

We’re glad to see Clean Sweep going strong for another year, and would encourage other towns to consider adopting Hartwick’s playful approach to an otherwise mundane activity. 

To Bassett Healthcare’s adoption of the “medical home” concept, which recently netted it a high rating from a national nonprofit. 

Bassett was awarded a Level 3 rating (the highest rating possible) from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, a nonprofit dedicated to improving patient care. 

According to Dr. Carlton Rule, a family practitioner and “champion” for Bassett’s patient-centered medical home program, the goal of the initiative is to stay engaged with patients outside of the office. 

“I have an RN who’s calling a patient to see how they’re doing with their sugar control,” Rule explained. “Or they come out of the hospital, and the RN will call within a day or two to check and to see: Do they need to get right back in to follow up? Are they having trouble after leaving the hospital?”

We love the idea of medical practitioners taking the time to stay in touch with their patients. Only good can come of this new model.