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October 30, 2012

In Our Opinion: Cheers

The Daily Star

---- — To organizers and participants of this season’s political debates.

Being able to read about or talk to candidates for elected office can only tell you so much.

From the highest levels of the presidential and vice presidential debates, through federal and state races and even county and local contests, having candidates in the same room discussing the issues tells voters much more.

Debates offer a chance for office-seekers to set off their differences from each other and to go into more detail than a flier or position statement can do. They also give the audience a glimpse of the candidates’ personalities.

We thank the Oneonta League of Women Voters for sponsoring local debates for the state Assembly and Senate and U.S. Congressional races. And while not true debates, there were also meet-the-candidates forums including for county judge, hosted by the Delaware County Chamber and a Otsego Town Council event sponsored by the Cooperstown League of Women Voters. In addition, there was a productive debate organized by the citizens of Sidney for their town board candidates.

Anything that gets candidates face-to-face and gives voters even more information on which to base their decisions on Nov. 6 is a good thing.


To The Hunger Coalition of Otsego County for presenting a series of events to coincide with World Food Day on Oct. 16.

The day is in an effort increase awareness and understanding of hunger.

The past two years largely consisted of open houses at food banks, coalition officials said. The group decided to go beyond the open house by offering workshops that help people make the most of their food budgets through smart preparation and growing their own food. The programs also encouraged healthy eating and showed how people can help give back to local pantries.

We applaud the coalition for doing more than open houses this year and giving people tools to help stretch their food dollars.


To NorthEast Fabricators of Walton for its part in helping bring health care to under-served residents of Ghana.

The company is building eight mobile medical units for Odulair Inc. of Wyoming, a subcontractor for Belstar Development of Miami, which has been hired by the government of the West African nation to overhaul its medical system.

NorthEast has been been building boxes since 1997, but this is the first time the company has gone beyond the basics.

“We’ve never done all the finish work,” owner Bill Brodeur said. “All the interior, all the finish work, we did this for the first time. It’s never been done here before. The guys collectively did a great job putting this whole thing together.”

It’s good to see a local company expand its abilities, and seeing it to help improve health care is even more heartening.